How Do I Set Up Automation on my Honeywell L7000?

To set up home automation on a Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 control panel, users first need to purchase the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE module. Once the user has purchased and installed it, the control panel can enroll Z-Wave devices. Simply press the home automation icon and then "function."

To set up automation on the Honeywell L7000:

  1. Open the L7000 panel. Using a flathead screwdriver, press down on the two tabs found on the top of the L7000 panel. This will release the front cover from the back.
  2. Install the L5100-ZWAVE module. Install it on the bottom left side of the panel, opposite the speaker. Make sure the receptacle on the L5100-ZWAVE module is secure in the edge connector.
  3. Reconnect the front cover. The Lynx Touch L7000 control panel is now ready to have Z-Wave devices enrolled. The L7000 supports up to 4 Z-Wave thermostats, 6 Z-Wave door locks, and 40 Z-Wave devices, including light switches, appliance modules, blinds, and water valves in any combination.
  4. Open the "include devices" menu. Select Home Automation> tools > include devices. After a few moments, the panel will read “ready to include devices.”
  5. Include the Z-Wave Device. Press "Function." If successful, the panel will show "device found."

Users can control Z-Wave devices directly from the L7000 touchscreen or from Total Connect 2.0. Total Connect allows users to control their alarm system, home automation, and video remotely from any computer, smartphone, or iOS device. Users will receive notifications via email and/or by text message on any alarm signal or event.

Users can set up scenes and rules for Z-Wave devices that allow them to control either a single device or a group of devices together.

A total of 20 Z-Wave Scenes can be created locally in the panel. Z-Wave Scenes are a set of actions assignable actions to specified Z-Wave devices. For example, a user can set rules that will cause their Z-Wave lights to turn on. Users can program an additional 20 scenes using Total Connect 2.0. If a scene is created in Total Connect 2.0, users need to sync the panel to view it.

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