How do I setup a 3-way switch without a traveler wire?

A 3-way lighting circuit consists of 2 light switches controlling a single load (i.e. light bulbs). In any 3-way there is a master and slave switch. The Master switch requires a line (110VAC with neutral and ground) and load. Traditionally, the slave requires a line and "traveler" wire to the master. This allows the slave to toggle power to the same load via the physical traveler wire. Z-Wave technology is a proprietary radio frequency designed to carry commands between devices such as light switches. 

Today, we are going breakdown how to setup a 'virtual slave.' This is a slave switch without the traveler wire. Instead of getting a normal 3-way slave you will need a 1-button scene controller. Check out our FAQs on 3-way dimmers and switches to figure out which master switch best fits your needs. If you decide to go with a master dimmer you will need to pair it with the Leviton VRCZ1-1LZ 1-button zone dimmer. We recommend the Leviton VRCS1-1LZ 1-button zone switch if you have a master switch. These devices only require line power from the electrical panel. They do not require a traveler wire to the master! 

After you have installed and wired the master switch and the virtual slave, you will need to pair them together. In order for this device to control a load it needs to be virtually paired with the Z-Wave master switch or dimmer. Unfortunately, the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE controller, the Tuxedo Touch and the VAM do not offer the ability to link virtual slaves to a switch. 

Leviton offers two different methods of linking the slave. The most popular method is sourcing the Leviton VRUSB-1US USB stick. Simply slide this stick into your PC's USB port and download the Leviton software. In the software, you will be able to link the slave to any Leviton Z-Wave switch and thus control its load. The other option is to use the Leviton VRCPG-SG remote controller. This a small remote that offers local RF configuration. We do not currently carry the remote but you can check out the guide if you are interested in this option. 

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