How do I Setup the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES on a Lynx Touch?

You can setup a Honeywell 5800PIR-RES by programming the sensor into your security panel and then mounting the device to a wall. The motion sensor functions best in a location roughly 7.5 to 8 feet high in the corner of the room. This gives it a large coverage area for detecting intruders.

Complete the following steps to setup a Honeywell 5800PIR-RES motion detector:

1. Program the sensor. Access the programming menu of the security panel. To reach the programming menu from the home screen, go to Security > More > Tools > Enter Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program. Then select "Zones" to access the zones menu. Choose an available zone to highlight it and click on "Edit" at the bottom of this screen.

From there, select "Serial Number". Pull the battery tab to power up the motion detector, then fault it three times to have it automatically recognized and enrolled by the panel. You can fault the device by moving it, or moving your hand in front of it. Each fault will be confirmed by a beep. After a successful enrollment, you will be taken back to the settings for that zone. Set the Device Type to "motion detector", and change the response type and the zone description as needed. Make sure you save your changes when exiting.

The video provided below can be helpful for programming your sensor:

You can also consult the following FAQ for additional assistance:

How Do I Activate a Honeywell 5800PIR-RES?

2. Mount the sensor. To mount the sensor, drill holes in the back cover of the sensor and screw the device into the wall. Make sure to select a good location that is of adequate height and not in the direct presence of any AC vents or heaters. Putting the device near AC vents or heaters may trigger the passive infrared detection of the 5800PIR-RES.

The following video covers the installation process of the 5800PIR-RES:

3. Test the sensor. You can test the device using the walk test mode of the sensor. To get the detector into walk test mode, simply remove and reinsert its battery. In this mode, the sensor will display a red LED light whenever motion is detected. The sensor will remain in walk test mode for 10 minutes after powering on.

The video listed below explains more about the walk test mode for the 5800PIR-RES:

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