How Do I Sync the Time On My 2GIG GC3e? will automatically sync the time on your 2GIG GC3e. This time-sync is based upon the Zip Code that is set for your account. It is technically possible to ask your alarm monitoring company to change the set Zip Code so that the time shown on your 2GIG GC3e changes.

2gig gc3e wireless encrypted alarm panel

By connecting your 2GIG GC3e with, the set time will be automatically pushed down to the panel. As an end user, you don't actually need to do anything to sync the time. handles the entire process. Additionally, the time will automatically update for Daylight Savings Time, so you shouldn't ever need to manually adjust the time.

In order to change the synced time, the user would need to have the Zip Code set for their account changed. This can only be accomplished by the user's alarm dealer. They would need to contact their monitoring company and ask them to make the change. Once the change is made, the displayed time will automatically update based on the new Zip Code.

If the 2GIG GC3e Panel is not yet connected with, then the time can be manually adjusted. This can be done by choosing System Settings on the main screen. You must then enter the system's Master Code (default 1111) and select Date & Time. Please note that by not connecting the system with, it will be impossible to use the panel for alarm monitoring. It will only serve as a local noisemaker.

Also note that even if the GC3e is monitored and connected with, it is still possible to change the time based on the set Time Zone for the system. This change can be made through the website. After logging into your account through the website, choose Settings > Account Management > System Information. From there, set the Time Zone, and click the blue Update button to apply the change.

To have your monitoring company adjust the Zip Code for your account, complete the following steps:

1. Get You must have your GC3e Panel connected with if you want to have the time automatically synced. The system will need a compatible Cellular Communicator. Both the 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC3 and the 2GIG LTEA-A-GC3 work great. You will also need a compatible alarm monitoring plan that includes access to If you are interested in starting service with Alarm Grid, check our alarm monitoring page for more information.

2. Contact your alarm company. Once you have access to ADC, let your alarm monitoring company know that you want to change the Zip Code on your account so that your panel displays a different time. If you have monitoring service with Alarm Grid, you may contact us by emailing

3. Confirm the time change. Check your GC3e System, and make sure the synced time is correct. It may take several moments for your panel to automatically update. You may be able to speed up the update by rebooting the panel. This can be done by opening up the panel and disconnecting its backup battery and then unplugging its transformer. This will power the panel down. You can then power it back on by first plugging in the transformer and the reconnecting the backup battery. When the panel boots back up, the displayed time should be correct.

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