How Do I Toggle WIFI/IP and GSM as Primary on the Lyric Controller?

You can toggle WIFI/IP and GSM as the primary on the Lyric Controller by accessing the Communications Menu of the Installer Tools Menu of the system. You can set the Communication Path to any available pathway set up with the system. You will need your Installer Code to access the menu.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

The Resideo Lyric Alarm System has two possible communication paths available for alarm monitoring service. The system can communicate across WIFI right out of the box. It can also use cellular communication if a cellular communicator is added. You can even set the Lyric to use both WIFI and Cellular. This is commonly referred to as "dual-path" communication. Please note that you will need a compatible alarm monitoring plan for IP and/or cellular service. All Alarm Grid monitoring plans offer WIFI connectivity, but only Gold Plans and higher provide cellular.

An important thing to remember with the Lyric is that you are not really setting one communication path as "primary" and another as "secondary". Instead, you are merely setting which communication paths are utilized. If you set both WIFI and Cellular as enabled, the Lyric System will send out signals via WIFI, when available. Because the WIFI communicator stays in near constant contact with the AlarmNet Servers, the panel will know right away if the WIFI connection is lost. If WIFI is unavailable, the signals will be sent via Cellular. This is the method of redundancy that AlarmNet communicators employ.

There is a major advantage to using dual-path communication with the Lyric. The advantage is that each communication path will be available to back the other one up. In most cases, WIFI communication is faster than cellular. However, cellular communication is generally the more reliable path. When using dual-path communication, the standard practice is to have the Lyric send out signals across WIFI. But if the local WIFI network is down, then the Lyric will still be sending out signals across cellular. This will ensure that your home or business stays protected.

Please note that you can only enable a communication path that has been properly configured for the system. In other words, you cannot enable a communication path that has not been set up yet. For example, if you have yet to install a cellular communicator for the Lyric Panel, then you will not be able to enable a cellular communication path.

If you want to toggle the communication path on a Lyric System, complete the following steps:

1. Enter programming. Start from the main screen of your Lyric System. Choose Security > Tools > enter Installer Code (default 4112) > Program. You are now in programming.

2. Set the Communication Path. Choose "Communicator". Then toggle the Communication Path field in the upper-left. You can choose from "WIFI", "Cellular", "WIFI & Cellular", and "None". Each option is explained in detail below:

WIFI: Only WIFI will be enabled. Cellular will be disabled.

Cellular: Only Cellular will be enabled. WIFI will be disabled.

WIFI & Cellular: Both WIFI and Cellular will be enabled. The system will send out signals via WIFI. If WIFI becomes unavailable, the panel will know, and it will switch to cellular. This is also known as "dual-path" communication.

None: Both WIFI and Cellular will be disabled. The system will not report out.

3. Save your changes. Make sure the Communication Path is set to the correct option. Then press "Save" in the bottom-right corner. It may take a moment for the system to update. Press "OK". Then press the return arrow in the upper-right corner until you return to the main screen.

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