How Do I Turn Off Arm-Confirm on a Honeywell L5210 or L7000 Alarm System?

You can turn off Arm-Confirm on a Honeywell L5210 or L7000 Alarm System by accessing the Sounder Menu, which is found in Programming. Turning this setting Off will prevent the panel from emitting a loud tone when it is Armed Away using a key fob or keypad. The setting change must be saved.

Honeywell l5210 lynx touch wireless security system with 4 1 sla

The purpose of Arm-Confirm is to let the user know that an Arm Away command has go through successfully when using a key fob or keypad. This includes some of the most popular accessories for the Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems, including the Honeywell 5834-4 Key Fob and the Honeywell 5828 and 5828V Keypads.

Many users appreciate the Arm-Confirm function, as it lets them know that their system was successfully Armed Away and that they must vacate the premises immediately. However, some users might find the produced tone to be somewhat loud and annoying. Fortunately, these users have the option of turning off the setting.

The following options are available for the Arm-Confirm setting:

  • None: Arm-Confirm tone is disabled entirely.
  • All RF : Arm-Confirm tone will be produced when Arming Away using a key fob or keypad.
  • RF Key Fob: Arm-Confirm tone will be produced when Arming Away using a key fob only.
  • RF Keypad: Arm-Confirm tone will be produced when Arming Away using a keypad only.

Remember, the Arm-Confirm tone does not go into effect when the system is Armed Stay. It is much more important to know when the system has gone into Arm Away mode than Arm Stay mode, as they are less likely to cause a false alarm when Armed Stay. Users should also be aware that there is no way to change or reduce the Arm-Confirm tone.

Please note that the the Arm-Confirm tone is not to be confused with the Exit Delay Countdown. The Arm-Confirm tone is considerably louder, and it is only emitted for a very brief second. The Exit Delay Countdown can have its volume adjusted, and the sound will last for the complete Exit Delay period after Arming Away.

If you want to adjust the Arm-Confirm setting on a Honeywell L5210 or L7000, complete the following steps:

1. Open programming. Start from the main screen of the system. Choose Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (default 4112) > Program. You are now in programming.

2. Open the Sound Menu. Click the down arrow on the right side of the display screen. Choose Sounder. You will enter the Sounder Menu.

3. Adjust the setting. Find the Arm-Confirm option in the lower-right corner. Click on that option to toggle the selection. Make sure it is set to the option you want.

4. Save and exit. Press the Save button in the lower-right corner. Then press the return arrow in the upper-right corner repeatedly until you are taken back to the main menu. Make sure to choose "Yes" when asked if you want to allow the installer to re-enter programming.

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