How Do I Turn On a Lyric Security System's Voice/Chime?

The Lyric security system's voice and chime modes can be easily turned on or off from the settings screen. Simply highlight "Chime" or "Voice" depending on which you'd like on or off. Highlighting the mode will enable it. Un-highlighting it will disable it. Don't forget to click "Save."

  1. Select "Settings" on the home screen.

  2. Highlight the word marked "Chime" or "Voice." Highlighting the word "Chime" or "Voice" will enable both these modes. The chime will make the panel sound indicating signals when a zone is activated. The voice will cause the panel to annunciate details about the zone. To turn off the chime mode, simply de-select the word "Chime." To turn off the voice mode, de-select the word "Voice."
  3. Adjust the volume by moving the "Volume" slider left or right. Moving the "Volume" slider toward the (+) sign will increase the volume. Moving the volume slider toward the (-) sign will decrease the volume.
  4. Press Save. These systems require that one hit the "Save" button in order to actuate changes in the panel. Don't forget to click save after setting a new volume or the panel will revert to the volume that was set before you went into the "Settings" screen.

The Chime mode on the Lyric Security System will sound 3 beeps or users can select a tone sound from a protected zone when opened when the system is in the disarmed state. Users can also program Voice Annunciations as well. Changing the zone chime tone and the voice annunciation is done on a zone-by-zone basis from the programming section of installer code programming.

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