How Do I Use the August Smart Lock Pro with Apple HomeKit?

You can use the August Smart Lock Pro with Apple HomeKit by pairing the lock with your HomeKit network. This process is completed through the August Home App. The lock should be paired with the app and your August account. You must have a HomeKit Hub within Bluetooth range of the lock.

August smart lock pro dark gray z wave deadbolt lock 3rd generat

Apple HomeKit connectivity for the August Smart Lock Pro is accomplished by having the lock communicate with a dedicated HomeKit Hub using wireless Bluetooth communication. Some examples of HomeKit Hubs include an iPad, an AppleTV Gen 4 or higher, or an Apple HomePod. The lock must be kept within Bluetooth range (10 to 15 feet) of the dedicated HomeKit Hub at all times. This is particularly important to remember when using an iPad as a hub, since the iPad may not always stay in the same location. After the lock has been paired with Apple HomeKit, you can then control the lock remotely using an iPhone that is on the same iCloud network as the HomeKit Hub.

For this process, you must have the lock within Bluetooth range (10 to 15 feet) of the iOS device being used. You can use an iPhone or iPad to join your August Smart Lock Pro with your HomeKit network. You will need to have the August Home App downloaded. This app is available for free download from the Apple App Store. From there, make sure to keep your dedicated HomeKit Hub within Bluetooth range of the lock.

Complete the following steps to start pairing the August Smart Lock Pro with Apple HomeKit:

1. Connect with August App. You must pair the lock with your August account and the August Home App. This process is covered in this FAQ.

2. Access lock HomeKit Settings. Make sure you have the lock within Bluetooth range. Open the August Home App on your iPhone or iPad. Click on the location you want to control. In our example, the location is called "Alarm Grid Headquarters".

Then choose the settings icon in the bottom-right.

Then choose the "Lock Settings" option for the lock you want to pair with HomeKit. In our example, the lock is called "Test Lock".

Then choose HomeKit Settings, which is found under Platforms.

You will then enter HomeKit Settings.

3. Pair with HomeKit. Choose Enable HomeKit.

After a few moments, you will be asked to choose which HomeKit Home you want to add the lock to. In our example, we chose "My Home". Press the Next button after making your selection.

Then choose the Room you want to assign the lock. In our example, the Room is called "Test Room". Press Next to continue.

You will then need to scan the lock code. Take the lock and press on the August logo on the front to pop open the cover. You can then take the cover off. The back of the cover will have the code. You can see the lock cover popped open in the following picture:

Your iPhone or iPad will begin searching for a code to scan. The code is found on the back of the lock cover. Once it discovers the code, it will begin connecting the lock to the HomeKit network. Please note that we have censored the code for our lock. The code should consist of eight (8) digits in a 3-2-3 format.

You should then receive notification that the lock has been paired. Press the Done button to finish.

4. Create HomeKit Automations. Now that the lock has been paired with HomeKit, you will be able to use it with HomeKit Automations. The process for creating HomeKit Automations is covered in this FAQ.

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yes. Indeed all standby home hubs will function as bluetooth repeaters. The most economical solution to bluetooth range issues with door locks is to buy a HomePod Mini and put it within 10 feet of the lock. the connect Bridge effectively functions as a Bluetooth to Wifi Repeater for everything NOT HomeKit, you just need the HomePod Mini to function as the Bluetooth Repeater for Homekit.
Actually this article seems indicate standby hubs do help with Bluetooth range.
Can the Home Hub within range be a "standby" Home Hub? I have several HomePod Mini stereo pairs around the house. Seems only 1 of the 6 minis is the "Connected" home hub, the others are in "standby" mode - but they are closer to the locks. Also they can change from standby to connected, but there is only 1 "connected" at any given time. Seems l like the answer is that the "connected" one is the important one, and that one needs to be close to the locks. But there is no definitive answer that I can find.
Sujovian, thank you for this information. We have both spoken with August, and tested it ourselves to confirm that you are correct. We made this error in good faith because in each case where we tested the August lock with HomeKit, we had it paired with the Bridge before hand. You don’t receive any indication of which method is being used during the communication with HomeKit, so we assumed it was using WIFI. It wasn’t until we actually turned off Bluetooth on the hub and attempted to pair the lock that we realized that what you said was true. So, we are in the process of correcting our content. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. We strive to be 100% accurate in all of our content, and we’re always happy to correct any mistakes we make.
To be fair, there is one thing August does offer that nobody else in the smart lock industry offers: simultaneous connectivity to HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Home. Nobody else can do this. All other vendors force you to choose between HomeKit and Alexa/Google. Only August has ability to do all three at once. If only their misinformation were brought to heel and they were forthright about the need for HomeKit hub proximity the way other vendors are...
This article includes misinformation. <i>If you plan on moving the HomeKit Hub around, then you are best off using the August Connect WIFI Bridge to control the lock through your local WIFI network. </i> This is not accurate. If you move the HomeKit hub out of bluetooth range of the lock, the lock will stop responding to HomeKit, regardless of whether the WiFi Connect module is configured. WiFi connect has NOTHING to do with HomeKit, and does not support Communication between the lock and the HomeHub in any way whatsoever. The lock will only ever communicate with HomeHub, via Bluetooth, and NEVER through the WiFi Connect bridge. <i> This FAQ assumes that you are using an August Connect WIIF </i>(sic) <i>Bridge. If you aren't, the process is still the same. However, you will need to have the lock within Bluetooth range (10 to 15 feet) of the iOS device you are using to complete the process.</i> Again, there is no “however”, as the Connect WiFi Bridge is irrelevant to HomeKit setup, connectivity, and use, Whether you have configured the Connect Bridge or not has zero impact on HomeKit setup, which always requires Bluetooth connectivity to a HomeHub. I know all this because I learned the hard way. If you want to use August with HomeKit, be prepared to buy a HomePod Mini to sit within 10-15 feet of each lock if you want reliable HomeKit connectivity. But if you want to add or remove codes beyond Bluetooth range of the lock, you still need the Connect module as well, as that isn’t available in HomeKit, so you realistically need both. Why doesn’t August’s connect Wifi Bridge also handle the HomeKit connectivity via WiFi like Chamberlain’s MyQ bridge (Same parent company)? That’s a Good question for August. For what it’s worth though, August isn’t the only HomeKit lock vendor who only connects to HomeKit via Bluetooth. That’s the case for EVERY Vendor. The only thing unique about August is the disinformation like the above article that deceives consumers by misrepresenting the technology.
Please note , August Wifi Bridge is not supported with Homekit , you need to have an apple bridge(iPad or TV) with Bluetooth support.

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