How Do You Add A 2GIG KEY2-345 To The 2GIG GC3?

To add a 2GIG KEY2-345 to the GC3, enter the Installer Toolbox, then go to System Configuration, and select Keyfobs. Select an available keyfob number, then press "Edit Keyfob" at the bottom. Enter the requested information. Select "Return to System Configuration" and "Save" once completed.

The 2GIG GC3 control panel has a total of 102 zones (2 hardwired and 100 wireless). In addition, it supports up to 32 4-button keyfobs which are programmed into a separate section of programming reserved specifically for fobs. To program a 2GIG KEY2-345 into the 2GIG GC3, follow these steps:

1. Enter programming. From the home screen, press the 2GIG logo in the upper right. Enter the Installer Code, default To program a 2GIG KEY2-345 to the GC3 panel, tap System Settings on the home screen > enter the 4 digit installer code (2GIG default installer code is 1561) > System Configuration > Key Fobs > select the next available key fob zone > press edit > after each feature is entered, press the down arrow to go to the next feature > Enable > select Equipment Code 0866 (2GIG KEY2-345) > enter the 7 digit serial number from the Key Fob (this number can also be found on the side of the box it came in) > Equipment Age, select New > if an Emergency Alarm is desired by pressing the Arm Away and Disarm buttons together, press Enable and select which type, Silent, Auxiliary or Audible > select Enable or Disable for the fob to disarm the system > select Edit Voice Descriptor - a description can be added or select none > Enable or Disable Armed with No Entry Delay > Enable or Disable Fob Output > press Return to System Configuration > press the left facing arrow > Save

The Honeywell 5834-4 four button key fob is also compatible with the 2GIG GC3 but the panic feature is not supported by the 2GIG GC3 control panel. If a panic feature is wanted the 2GIG KEY2-345 does provide this when pressing both the Arm Away and Disarm buttons at the same time and when the Emergency Key is Enabled. Users have the option to set the panic as auxiliary which will trigger a 24 hour auxiliary alarm on the panel or Audible which will trigger a 24 hour audible alarm and a Silent Panic which will trigger a 24 hours silent alarm. A silent panic should only be used when being monitored by a central monitoring station.

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