Can I add wireless motion detector to Honeywell system?

You can add a wireless motion detector to any Honeywell self-contained wireless security system or to any Honeywell security system that has been upgraded with a wireless receiver.

With the Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch, you enroll a wireless motion detector by entering the 'Zones' programming menu within the installer programming menu. First you select the zone number you will be assigning to the wireless motion detector. Next, you have to enroll the device's serial number. You can enroll the serial number using the RF learning mode by activating the motion detector (waving your hand in front of the device) three times or you can manually enter the (7) digit serial number which will be displayed on a sticker on your wireless motion detector. You should set the loop number to 1 and enter zone descriptors if you would like the system to describe the area the motion detector will be installed. In the device type programing section, you should add it as a 'Motion Sensor'. The next programming menu will be 'Response Type' and for a motion detector you should use either 'Interior Follower' or 'Interior with Delay'. If you set your motion detector to 'Interior Follower', it will go off right away if no other sensor was tripped first or if a sensor programmed as 'Perimeter' was tripped first. If a delay zone was tripped first, the motion detector will "follow" that zone and activate only after the entry delay time runs out. If you set your motion detector to 'Interior with Delay', your motion detector will always wait for the entry delay to run out before activating an alarm. Next, you will have to choose whether or not you want your wireless motion detector zone to report alarm signals to Alarm Grid's central station. Finally, you should confirm that the motion detector is set with supervision so that your LYNX Touch panel will alert you if the device ever loses its wireless connection to the wireless receiver.

If you have a Honeywell security system like the VISTA-20P or the L3000 LYNX Plus, you will enroll the wireless motion detector using the *56 zone programming menus. You will need an alphanumeric alarm keypad like the Honeywell 6160 to access the *56 zone programming menus with the VISTA-20P. Within the *56 zone programming options you need to assign a zone number to the wireless motion detector. You should also choose whether you want your motion detector to be 'Interior Follower' or 'Interior with Delay'. Then you will need to enter a report code for monitoring, choose that the device has an input type of RF (supervised RF) and enroll the serial number of the motion detector. You should use loop number 1 for most every wireless motion detector and, if you would like, you can enter custom zone descriptors.

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Yes, you can program a motion to be Perimeter so that it's active on all arming modes.
Can you a Motion be configured as a 'Perimeter'? I have a separate garage that I wish to set the motion to perimeter so the alarm will go off if someone enters the garage, while the unit is in stay mode.
When you enter zone programming, is the first prompt "Xmit to Confirm?" or "Program Tool?" or does it just ask you for the zone number? In panels that require you to learn in the Serial Number, you usually have about 8 seconds to perform 2 fault and restore transmissions in order to learn it in, so once you press * on the screen prior to the one asking for the serial number, you have to be ready to send two fault./restore sequences in quick succession. I'm assuming yours are the 5890 motions, which have the jumper inside that says Test or Normal. Be sure they are on test (it would seem they are, as the LED only lights up when on test). It may be a good idea to have the motions unmounted and ready to fault, in a location near the panel, so that you can get to each quickly without faulting any of the others on your way there. The fact that your summary screen shows nothing after RF tells us that the serial number/loop number was not learned during that portion of zone programming.
Hi :I have a 6160 keypad and a vista 20a board with 5 wireless pir's all have responding led's good battery's and In the zone description all have been set the same. However only one on zone 22 shows rf1 In the last descripting point : That's working ok. The others just show rf and a blinking prompt in place of the 1, which I am unable to change, They all have the same settings, Just the one on zone 22 works, the rest aren't responding : The red led in the panel shows each responding to movement but no reporting or response is applied. I have setup 2 key fobs and there fine. Any ideas how to change the rf number to a 1 : Or is something else affecting the way the other pir's are behaving. Also I am unable to manually set these up it only allows for auto detecting.

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