How does a LYNX L7000 communicate with Total Connect?

The Honeywell L7000 LYNX Touch is a self-contained security system. The previous LYNX Touch models included a phone dialer for basic Central Station monitoring but the L7000 does not. However it can be outfitted with more popular IP or cellular communicators which are all supported Total Connect 2.0. The L5100-WIFI module is the easiest and most affordable way to setup Total Connect. After pairing the unit to your WIFI network it will send signals to/from Total Connect with no additional monthly data charges. We offer internet security system kits that bundle together the panel with the WIFI module at a discounted rate. We also offer the Total Connect service with our no contract Self and Plus+ Monitoring plans.

It is always a good idea to consider a cellular communication path due to its innate reliability to never loose connection during power outages or IP related issues. The 4GL is a new cellular communicator that uses the AT&T cellular network to send/receive signals. We offer cellular and dual path security systems. In the event, that you have the ability to go dual path you should consider the benefits. The speed of the WIFI offers seamless control of the L7000 via Total Connect. Then the 4GL will takeover and still send signals in the event of IP communication failure.

You can also use the ILP5 ethernet communicator if you prefer a hardwired connection. The downside to using the ILP5 is that it shares the same port as the 4GL. This makes dual path monitoring impossible with the ILP5 involved.

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