How Does Dual Path Monitoring Work on an L7000?

The Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000, comes equipped with dual path monitoring capability, utilizing both the internet and a cell communicator to transmit and receive signals to a monitoring station and cell tower.

When connected, both paths of communication, wifi and cell, are live at the same time but work on two (2) separate paths. Wifi utilizing the users internet and the cell communicator transmitting signals to an AT&T cell tower. The first path of communication would be wifi and should that fail for any reason, the cell communicator would kick in and send signals.To utilize dual path monitoring, a L5100-wifi module and a 3GL is required.

The L5100-wifi is compatible with the Lynx Touch L7000 and provides a wifi connection. The L5100-wifi module connects directly to the L7000 panel by connecting the module to the panels control edge connector, (please refer to L5100-wifi installation manual).

The cell communicator, 3GL, connects directly to the receptacle on the L7000 control panel, (please refer to the 3GL installation manual).

Although, the Honeywell ILP5 is a great option for internet communication for the Lynx Touch series panels, it is not suitable for dual path monitoring for the Lynx Touch L7000 as it uses the same port the cell communicator, the 3GL uses.

Dual path monitoring is one of the most secure forms of communication available.

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