How Does the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Communicate with

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 communicates with using either a cellular or an IP connection. However, a panel must have a cellular module installed in order to be used with The IQ Panel 2 comes included with a built-in cellular module, allowing it to work with

Cellular communication is generally seen as superior over WIFI communication when used by security panels. This is because cellular communication is rarely down, and is more reliable overall. Using dual path communication provides users with the incredibly fast speeds of WIFI, with the added reliability and security of cellular. The IQ Panel 2 always sends monitored signals via both paths. The signal received first by is acknowledged and then forwarded to the monitoring station. The signal received second is discarded. In this way, alarm signals always take the fastest path available.

Although both cellular communication and WIFI can be used for a panel to interact with the platform, requires any panel using its service to have a working cellular module installed. enforces this mandate because it knows that cellular communication has been proven to be more reliable than WIFI connectivity, and it wants its users to always be connected to the network.

The IQ Panel 2 sends all of its outbound signals through the platform. Therefore, an IQ Panel 2 must be connected with in order for the user to receive monitoring. Without, the IQ Panel 2 will be unable to alert a central monitoring station in the event of an alarm, and the end user will not receive any email or phone alerts. With this in mind, any user who wants to get the most out of their IQ Panel 2 must have a cellular monitoring plan and an account.

Every IQ Panel 2 comes included with a built-in cellular module and an integrated WIFI communicator. This will allow the system to immediately connect to both cellular and WIFI networks as soon as it is activated. Depending on the type of cellular module that is included, the panel will connect to either the Verizon or the AT&T network. It is recommended that users choose whichever service typically functions best in their area.

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