How often do HW wireless sensors need battery changes?

Batteries in Honeywell's wireless window and door sensors generally last 5 to 7 years. The battery life can vary depending on the frequency with which the door or window is opened and closed. Before the battery completely dies, the wireless window and door sensor will send a low battery signal to your Honeywell wireless alarm control panel along with the (2) digit zone number so you know which device needs service. You have approximately (30) days to replace the battery in the affected wireless sensor before it will stop working. However, you should replace the battery sooner than later as the wireless window or door sensor may not work optimally with a battery that is low.

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Once you install a new battery the sensor should start working again.
What happens if I didn't replace the battery in 30 days? How to I get the sensor working again?
The magnet gap shouldn't affect the battery life. If you can install it at the 90 degree angle and the sensor still reliably faults and restores, then it should work fine.
Will the distance of the magnet to the sensor affect the battery life ? I understand ideally the magnet should be place parallel to the sensor within the two markings on the sensor. I'm using the 5820L, my window frame only have 1/2" for the sensor to stick on. However, the Milgard window frame edge has a bevel ending. If I stick the sensor on to the frame only 1/4" of the tape is stick on to the frame, the other 1/4" doesn't get stick because the bevel edge. It's not quite secure. The other choice for me is rotate the sensor 90-degree, stick in onto the window inside wood frame. But then the magnet will be 90-degree to the sensor, instead of parallel to the sensor. I still can place the magnet in between the marks. But it's 90-degree from the sensor instead of 0-degree compare to the regular installation. Does it really matter? If I want to do the 0-degree parallel installation, I would need something to fill up the gap from the bevel to the sensor. But I don't know what to use to fill. What is a best way to do it ? What is the best for battery life ? I don't want 6 months down the road, I need to remove all sensor and reinstall because the poor battery life.

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