How long is the Honeywell LT-CABLE for the L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel?

The LT-CABLE gives you just over eight feet of wire so that you can mount the LYNX Touch security system on a wall up to eight feet from a standard wall outlet. If you have more than eight feet between the intended mounting location of your LYNX Touch alarm control panel and the wall outlet, you will need to relocate the L5100 unit or you should use regular alarm wire to connect your 300-04705 power supply.

The Honeywell LT-CABLE is a great addition to a LYNX Touch L5100 wireless security system. The LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel is powered by the 300-04705 LYNX Touch power supply. However, the power supply does not have an attached cord to plug into the L5100 alarm control panel. You will need to either connect a (2) conductor alarm wire from the L5100 to the power supply or you can use the LT-CABLE. The LT-CABLE is convenient because it has spade connectors on one end and a DC plug on the other end. Therefore, you can simply land the spade connectors under the screw terminals on the backside of the 300-04705 power supply and then plug the DC plug into the power supply input on the backside of the L5100 wireless alarm control panel.

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