How Long Should it Take to Activate My System?

It should take about 30 minutes to activate your system, at least in most cases. Sometimes it will take a bit longer, while other activations require less time. Alarm Grid activation slots are scheduled for one (1) hour to ensure we have enough time and to account for unexpected events.

Completing the activation is a major step in getting a system monitored. We need to activate the communicator for your system and register it with the appropriate monitoring platform, whether that is, or AlarmNet for use with Total Connect 2.0. If your monitoring plan includes central station service, then we will set up the central station document for your account and go over important information, such as your false alarm passcode and your verbal duress code. We will also test certain sensors and system functions, which is required for us to be able to issue you a certificate of alarm (CoA). The activation is also a great time for us to answer any lingering questions or concerns you might still have about using your security system, including various methods for false alarm prevention.

When you sign-up for new monitoring service, you will choose an activation appointment slot for one of our activators to contact you. The activation time slots are available during our regular business hours of 9am to 8pm ET M-F. Each slot is one (1) hour long. You will only be able to choose an open slot that is still available. We block off slots that are already filled so that they cannot be chosen. Then at the scheduled time, an activator will call you to complete the aforementioned process. You or a designated individual must be on-site with the system during this time slot to complete the activation.

There are a few tasks that you are expected to complete prior to us contacting you for your system activation. Your system should be powered on and have its sensors already programmed. You should know the default Installer Code and default Master Code for your system. Leaving the system's Master Code at its default prior to the activation will make the process for your activator go more smoothly. It is also important that you listen carefully to your technician during the call. You can review our tips for making your activation as easy as possible in this helpful blog post.

Remember, most activations take considerably less than an hour. We only set our activation slots at an hour to make sure that there is enough time within the appointment to finish. There are many factors that go into determining how long the activation will take. These factors include the alarm panel or system you are using, which communication path(s) your system is using, the type of testing required for your CoA, and how well you follow our recommended tips for a speedy activation. In some cases, it is possible to complete an activation in less than ten (10) minutes. But we find that the average time on our most popular systems is about 30 minutes.

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