How Loud Is a Siren On A Honeywell L7000 Alarm System?

The Honeywell Touch L7000 panel has a built in speaker that is 85db. Because it is built right into the panel no external speaker is needed. If the chime is enabled, the speaker will announce the zone, and if any system trouble exists, such as; low battery, communication failure and A/C loss. There is no bell or piezo output on the Lynx Touch L7000, all sounds are made from the built in speaker. Both the 5800Wave and 5800RL are compatible choices for a additional interior siren. The Lynx Touch L7000 has a low current trigger which can be used in conjunction with a low current sensitive relay Altronix RBSNTTL,power supply Honeywell AD12612 and external siren ( to install an external siren you would also need a Lynx-EXT and check your city ordinance) and programmed to sound for alarms.

To disable the sounder, go into programming then Burglar Alarm Sound. When set to “OFF” audible alarms will sound the same as the auxiliary alarm sound, which is slightly lower in dB rating but has a higher pitched tone.

The volume can be adjusted up or down or off/on from the “Settings” screen. This will affect the volume for system announcements and chime. The volume will always go to “high” during burglary, fire, co or audible panic alarm.

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