How Many Fire Zones Are Available on the Lyric Gateway?

There are 64 wireless zones available on the Lyric Gateway, and all can be programmed as fire protection zones if desired.

The Lyric Gateway is the latest all in one panel released by Honeywell. The system has a Ethernet or WIFI communicator and Z-Wave controller built right into the unit. The top of the Gateway housing opens up to reveal the system’s expansion bay. An AT&T or Verizon cellular communicator can be installed to bring stability, in the form of backup cellular communication, to the system. There is also an Ethernet jack to allow the system to plug directly into a network. The system can use any one of the three communication paths (Ethernet, WIFI or Cellular) to support all of its system communications, or can combine Cellular with either Ethernet or WIFI, for a more robust, Dual Path configuration. With Dual Path, if the primary communication path goes down, the gateway will automatically switch to the secondary path.

The Lyric Gateway doesn't have the same touchscreen interface seen on the Lyric Controller. Instead, it uses an app called MyHome Gateway (available free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) to provide in depth end-user control of the system. For information on how to connect the MyHome Gateway app to the Lyric Gateway, click here.

For this reason, programming for the Lyric Gateway must be done through AlarmNet 360, which means, in order to program the Lyric Gateway, it must have an AlarmNet account created and associated with the panel before it can be used.

The Lyric Gateway is compatible with two families of wireless sensors - the 5800 wireless sensor line and the new SiX Sensor line. All 5800 wireless sensors are compatible with the system, except for those that require a House ID to operate. All devices in the SiX Sensor line are compatible. Smoke detectors from either line are compatible, but keep in mind that 5800 sensors have an operating range of about 200 feet, while SiX Series sensors have an operating range of about 300 feet. The SiX Series sensors are bidirectional, and their communication with the system is encrypted, while the 5800 series don’t support either of these features. The bidirectional nature of the SiX Series devices allow the user to receive up-to-the-minute information about the unit, including real time battery and signal strength status.

Unlike the 5808W3, where smoke and heat are both reported to the panel on loop 1, and therefore only use one zone number, the SiX Smoke reports Smoke and Heat separately so that either or both can be monitored. For this reason, each SiX Smoke can potentially require 2 zones to operate, and Smoke and Heat detector Device Types will be programmed separately.

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