How Many Fire Zones Are On A VISTA 20P Or 21iP?

Users can connect up to 16 (10, if “clean me” option used) 2-wire smoke detectors across zone 1, terminals 8 (+) and 9 (-) on a Vista 20P or Vista 21iP control panel. Observe proper polarity when connecting the detectors.Connect an EOL resistor across the loop wires at the last detector.

Do not use 4-wire smoke detectors on zone 1. Users can either also connect 4-wire smoke detectors (up to trigger output 17’s maximum current draw 100mA) to any zone from 2-8 on a Vista 20P or Vista 21iP control panel.

Power Reset: This control does not automatically reset power to 4-wire smoke detector zones, so you must use a relay (a Honeywell 4204 or 4229), or on-board trigger to reset power (also required for fire verification). Do this by programming the designated relay/trigger as zone type 54 (fire zone reset); see On-Board Trigger section for

other information.

Maximum current on trigger 17 is 100mA.

Fire Verification, zone type 16. The Vista control panel will “verify” a fire alarm by resetting the smoke detectors after the first alarm trigger, and then waiting up to 90 seconds for a second alarm trigger. If the smoke detector does not trigger again, the Vista control panel will disregard the first trigger, and no alarm signal will occur. This feature eliminates false alarms due to electrical or physical transients.

SIA Installations: If using fire verification on zones other than zone 1, UL Fire Alarm Listed relay accessories must be used to reset power as described in the Power Reset paragraph above.

The zone 1 alarm current supports only one smoke detector in the alarmed state.

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