How Many Protection Zones Does A 2Gig GoControl Have?

The 2Gig GoControl alarm panel support up to a total of 49 protection zones. 48 wireless zones and 2 hardwired zones.

Hardwired zones can be programmed N/O (normally opened) or N/C (normally closed). EOLR (end of the line resistors) can also be used to supervised the loops.

The 2Gig GoControl panel does not support hardwired smoke detectors and CO2 detectors. However, wireless smoke detectors can be installed and can be programmed with 24 hour fire with verification. A smoke detector programmed with 24 hour fire with verification will be continuously armed and will trigger the local alarm fire sounder and bell output even if the system is disarmed. The smoke detector will always be active and can never be bypassed. Wireless carbon monoxide detectors can also be installed. 2 Gig GoControl provides a system sensor type "24 hour carbon monoxide". Programming with this sensor type, the carbon monoxide detector will continuously be armed 24 hours and will trigger the local alarm pulse sounder and the bell output even if the system is not armed. Like the smoke detector, the carbon monoxide can never be bypassed.

When installing wireless devices, please review the install instructions of each device for placement and rf transmitting range. Although the 2Gig GoControl panel has a strong built in wireless receiver, installing on metal may cause interference.

2Gig offers the following wireless system sensors: surface and recessed door sensors and window sensors, motion and glass break detectors, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors, medical and panic buttons, 2nd keypads, keyfobs and super switch system takeover module.

The super switch system takeover module allows users to convert 8 existing hardwired zones to 8 wireless zones. All the zones on the super switch act as supervised wireless zones.

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