How many sirens can be added to the VISTA 20P?

If you're looking to hook up multiple wired sirens to your Honeywell Vista 20P, you should definitely be aware of the electrical limitations of doing so.

The Vista 20P siren (or bell) output is a 12 VDC output with a 2 amp current limit. Because there is only one set of terminals (3 and 4) on the panel, you will be wiring the multiple sirens to the terminals in parallel.

That means if you're wiring 3 sirens, you will wire all 3 positives of the sirens to terminal 3 and all 3 negatives from the sirens to terminal 4 on the panel.

By wiring in parallel, you are also dividing the current to each of the sirens. Therefore, if using the built in power supply, you're limited to a total of 2 amps from the sirens.

Let's take the Honeywell WAVE2 Siren. Each one uses 0.5 amps. Therefore, you could wire up to four WAVE2s to your Vista 20P.

If you want more, you could either hook up an auxiliary power supply like the Honeywell AD12612 or Altronix SMP3 for all wired sirens over the 2 amp power limit or, you could hook up a wireless receiver and use the 5800WAVE wireless siren which gets power from a standard wall outlet.

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Can you please email with your request directed towards Julia so she can provide you with more information? Please make sure to include the model number of the system you have.
Hello Julia can you provide more details into this configuration? I have a baby on its way and I'm trying to install a siren with less dB for when in stay mode. All help appreciated
The Bell output is always going to activate on any alarm on a zone type that activates the siren, so most burg zones, and all fire zones. You could tie the Wave 2 to the Bell Output, so it would sound for everything, and tie the 702 to a relay, activated by the Trigger output (I think that's what you're talking about, as a relay output) only when armed away. You'd actually need 2 relays for this, that could be programmed separately, one to activate upon any burg alarm, and one to activate when armed away, and you'd have to wire your power in series between the two, so that your 702 would only get power when the system is armed away AND you have a burg alarm. You'd need 2 RBSNTTL Relays, and for both of your on-board triggers to be available, as well as a power supply, and the 702. If you're using one of the on-board triggers for something else, you'd need the 4204, or a 4229 (which is an 8 zone expander with 2 Form C relays built in).
There's a relay output on Vista20P system. Can that be used to trigger the 702? I can connect an external 12V power supply if needed.
Is there a way to connect two sirens, one would be a WAVE2 and another would be a 702 in a way that, WAVE2 siren would sound only if the system triggers in Armed-Stay mode. And both the WAVE2 and 702 would sound, if the system triggers in Armed-Away mode? I want to install the 702 inside the house, so that if someone enters the house when it is empty, it causes enough discomfort that they have to leave. But not sound it when we are home and accidentally open a window/door while in an Armed-Stay mode.

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