How Many Wireless Zones Are On an Interlogix Simon XT?

There are 40 wireless zones on an Interlogix Simon XT. Of these 40 zones, two can be used as either wireless or hardwired zones. The remaining 38 can only be used as wireless zones. The system works with wireless security and life-safety sensors that operate at a frequency of 319.5 MHz.

The Interlogix Simon XT is a wireless all-in-one alarm system that comes with its own integrated wireless receiver. This wireless receiver allows the system to communicate with wireless sensors. Each sensor receives its own unique wireless zone on the system. This zone is identified by the Sensor Number. Each programmed wireless zone is also assigned a Group Number. The Group Number determines the specific action that the system will take whenever the sensor is activated. For a complete list of different possible Group Numbers that can be used with a sensor, please refer to pages 8-10 of the Simon XT Installation Manual.

Wireless sensors are enrolled with the Simon XT Panel through its System Programming Menu. The Installer Code for the Simon XT System is needed to access this menu. By default, this code is set to 4321. Within the System Programming Menu, there is an option for enrolling wireless sensors. A wireless sensor can be learned-in automatically with the Simon XT System by putting the panel in its learn mode and then activating the tamper switch on the sensor. For more information on enrolling wireless sensors with a Simon XT Panel, please review this FAQ.

By default, the first sensor enrolled with a Simon XT System will be assigned Sensor Number 1. But a different Sensor Number can be assigned using the panel's numeric keypad if desired. Whenever a new sensor is being added, it will default to the lowest Sensor Number that is currently available. However, once all 40 zones are taken, new wireless sensors will not be able to readily interface with the system. Instead, for a new sensor to be added, it must take the Sensor Number (zone) used by another sensor. The old sensor that has been replaced will then no longer work with the Simon XT System, unless it is later reprogrammed by taking the zone of another sensor.

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