How Many Z-Wave Devices are Supported on the 2GIG GC3/GC3e?

A maximum of 232 unique Z-Wave devices are supported on the 2GIG GC3 and GC3e. If you try to add additional Z-Wave devices beyond this limit, then it will not work. Another important restriction is that only the first 122 Z-Wave devices paired with a GC3 or GC3e can be pushed to

2gig gc3e wireless encrypted alarm panelInside every 2GIG GC3 and GC3e is a Z-Wave controller. This is what allows you to build an automation network around the system. This automation network can include a variety of smart devices, such as smart lights, smart door locks, smart thermostats, and more. By pairing these devices with your GC3 or GC3e, you can control them directly from the panel. It is also crucial to understand that there are no sub-limits for specific types of Z-Wave devices that can be paired with a GC3 or GC3e. The only consideration for local control is the 232 device limit.

While the 232 device limit is very straightforward and simple, things become more complicated if you plan on using the system with for remote automation control. If you activate a 2GIG GC3 or GC3e System for monitoring service on a monitoring plan that includes access to for home automation, then Z-Wave devices used with the panel will also be pushed to the servers. This will allow you to control the Z-Wave devices remotely when you access via a web browser or a mobile app on your tablet or smartphone. You will also be able to include your Z-Wave devices with various smart scenes so that they activate automatically based on a set schedule or with certain system events.

But the Z-Wave device limit is lower than the 232 device limit for the GC3 and GC3 Systems. Once a single Security System has pushed 122 unique Z-Wave devices to the servers, it will stop pushing any additional Z-Wave devices to In other words, Z-Wave devices numbered 123 thru 232 on a GC3 or GC3e System will only be available for local control, and they will not be pushed to for remote operation and inclusion with smart scenes. More information is available in this FAQ.

If you already have 122 existing Z-Wave devices pushed from a single 2GIG GC3 or GC3e System, and you want to use a new Z-Wave device with, then you must first clear an existing device from the Z-Wave network to make space. Once you have 121 or fewer Z-Wave devices paired with the panel, you can then proceed to pair a new Z-Wave device. By doing this, you will ensure that the new Z-Wave device can be pushed to

Next, make sure you give a chance to update the Z-Wave list from your panel. This may take a few minutes. From there, you can begin adding Z-Wave devices from number 123, all the way up to number 232, if desired. But realize that Z-Wave devices numbered 123 thru 232 on the panel will not be pushed to, and they will only be available for local use.

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