How Many Zones Does a 5834-4 Take?

A 5834-4 will take one zone for each programmed function that it uses with the panel. The device can be used for up to eight different functions. This means that it can be used with up to eight system zones. But if you use fewer functions with the device, it will require fewer zones.

The Honeywell 5834-4 is a 4-button key fob that operates at wireless radio frequency of 345 MHz. It is part of the Honeywell 5800 Series of wireless sensors. This makes it compatible with most Honeywell Security Systems. Many of these systems have special key fob zones that are reserved for key fobs like the 5834-4. It is recommended that any key fob inputs are paired with one of these zones. However, some systems, like the Lyric Controller. will allow key fobs to be paired with standard wireless zones as well. This can be useful for situations where the user wants to establish additional key fob zones beyond what the panel normally reserves.

As a key fob, the 5834-4 has four buttons. Each button represents one single-button input. Additionally, there are four dual-button inputs that can be programmed with an alarm system as well. Adding the four single-button inputs and four multi-button inputs together gives a total of eight programmable inputs that can be used with the 5834-4. However, not all of these inputs need to be programmed. For example, if a user only wants to use four functions with the key fob, then only four zones need to be programmed. By default, the main single-button inputs are for arming away, arming stay, disarming and triggering an immediate panic.

The four single-button inputs each use the same Serial Number that is listed on the 5834-4 device. In order to differentiate these inputs with the system, each input uses a unique Loop Number from 1 to 4. The four multi-button inputs use a different Serial Number that is one digit higher than the Serial Number used by the single-button inputs. This differentiates the multi-button presses from the single-button presses. Just like the single-button inputs, the multi-button inputs use a unique Loop Number from 1 to 4. The four available dual-button presses are A+B, A+C, B+D, and C+D.

The diagram and table below both provide information on the key fob Serial Numbers and Loop Numbers. Note that Serial Number 1 is the standard Serial Number listed on the key fob and its product box. Serial Number 2 is the same as Serial Number 1, only one digit higher. On the key fob, Button A is upper-left, Button B is upper-right, Button C is lower-left, and Button D is lower-right.

Input Serial Number Loop Number
A 1 3
B 1 2
C 1 4
D 1 1
A+B 2 1
A+C 2 3
B+D 2 4
C+D 2 2

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