How Secure are Honeywell Lyric Security Cameras?

Honeywell Lyric Security Cameras are extremely secure. These HD security cameras are used through the Total Connect 2.0 platform. Advanced provisions are put into place to ensure that only the end user can see their camera's live feed. Not even their monitoring company can view it.

Honeywell lyric c1 wifi indoor 720p hd total connect security ca

Honeywell has since changed the name of their HD camera lineup. This camera lineup currently includes three cameras, and they were originally known as the Lyric C1, the Lyric C2 and the Lyric OC1. These cameras are now called the Honeywell IPCAM-WIC1, the Honeywell IPCAM-WIC2 and the Honeywell IPCAM-WOC1 respectively. Honeywell most likely changed these names because they wanted to avoid confusion. These cameras don't actually integrate with a Honeywell Lyric Security System. They actually integrate with Total Connect 2.0, which is an interactive platform used with many Honeywell Alarm Control Panels.

The Total Connect 2.0 servers are specifically designed to maintain an end user's protection and privacy. This protection and privacy extends to any integrated security cameras. All communication is encrypted, and it occurs through highly secured servers that make unauthorized access virtually impossible. Only the end user is granted access at any time. Both Alarm Grid and Honeywell/Resideo take these provisions very seriously, and we do everything possible to uphold an end user's privacy. The high standards maintained by TC2 represent a big reason for why we choose to support that service.

If an end user needs to have a professional view their security camera feed for troubleshooting, they will be required to grant special permission. This includes any Alarm Grid employees, technicians and management. Any viewing permission is only applied on a temporary basis, and the ability will be lost once the period expires. In the event that an end user does require this type of troubleshooting service, they will receive an email asking if an authorized individual can access their camera. The end user must approve this email and set a predetermined time period for which access will be granted. The authorized individual will then be able to view the camera until the time period expires. After that, the camera's feed will be restricted to the end user only.

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