Is a 5828 compatible with the Lyric security system?

Currently, the 5828 and 5828V are not compatible with the Lyric Controller. We originally wrote this FAQ, saying that they are compatible, at a time when information about the Lyric was scant, and we made the assumption that it would be supported, since the Lyric has a field for programming the House ID. Since the release of the panel, however, we've found that not to be the case. We have been told that a version of the Lyric will support bi-directional 5800 series devices that use a House ID, though this will be at a future time. We have no idea when, or even if, this will ever come to pass. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

The LKP500 is a SiX Series, bi-directional wireless keypad (it does require a power cord, but it does not wire back to the Lyric Controller). It can be used in place of the 5828 or 5828V, though it does not support the Voice Chime feature at this time. It will announce system status (Armed Away, Armed Stay, Disarmed, etc.) and it will announce zone descriptions for Alarms, but in chime mode, it will only give chime beeps, no voice annunciation. The Lyric can support up to 8 of these keypads, each supervised by a zone (850 - 857). The LKP500 sends a check in message to the panel every 60 seconds, and if the panel doesn't hear from the keypad for 200 seconds, it will put the zone for that keypad into trouble. It also supervises the keypad for tamper, and low battery. Once the keypad has been learned into the panel, the descriptor for its supervision zone can be updated, to describe the keypad, in the event that more than one is used, for example, Master Bedroom, Kitchen, Family Room, etc., much like any other zone.

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You are correct, and thank you for pointing this out. I have updated the FAQ. This was created prior to the release of the Lyric, when in some instances we were operating on supposition, because actual information wasn't available yet. This is one such case. If you refresh, you should see my updates above. I believe the rest of our Lyric content is up-to-date but if you ever doubt what you see, don't hesitate to ask.
Is this accurate? I have read numerous other posts stating the 5828 Keypads are not compatible with the Honeywell Lyric Security System.

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