Is The 2Gig GoControl Panel Flash Upgradeable?

Yes, the 2Gig GoControl alarm panel is flash upgradeable. There are 2 ways the 2Gig GoControl panel can be upgraded.

The 2Gig panel features OTA (over-the-air) updates. With this feature, users can have their alarm control panel remotely updated with the latest software without any inconvenience. This feature does require a cellular radio like the GC3GA-A or GCCDMV-A and an active account with a remote service provider. Keep in mind, that OTA updates may incur additional charges to your monthly service rate.

For those who are not actively monitored customers, a 2GIG UPCBL2 can be purchased and used to flash the panel locally. This method offers much faster speeds and requires a PC running Windows XP or later (MAC OS is not supported) and 1 available USB port (USB V1.1 or later). This will allow users to update the firmware in the 2Gig GoControl panel and TS1 Keypad quickly and easily.

Check out our detailed instructions for executing the local firmware update on your Go!Control panel.

Flashing the control panel removes the need of having to replace it in some cases. For example, if your GC2 panel is V1.9.3 or less it will not support any of the radios. The Verizon radio requires 1.9.4 and the AT&T V1.9.6. Using the upgrade cable is a great way to update your system and setup service.

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