Is the Honeywell Lyric Compatible w/ Alexa?

Yes, the Honeywell Lyric is compatible with Alexa. To control your Lyric System using Amazon Alexa, you must have a monitoring plan that includes access to Total Connect 2.0. You will need to enable the Total Connect 2.0 Alexa Skill in the Alexa App and provide your TC2 login information.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

It is important to understand that Amazon Alexa cannot speak with a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System directly. However, Alexa can speak to Total Connect 2.0, and that platform can then relay commands to the Lyric System. With that in mind, you must set up Alexa to communicate with Total Connect 2.0. This is done by enabling the Total Connect 2.0 Alexa Skill in the Skills & Games Menu of the Alexa App. You must provide your Total Connect 2.0 login information, including your username and password, to complete this process.

Whenever you use Alexa to control your Lyric System, the command will pass through Total Connect 2.0 first. Total Connect 2.0 will then forward the command to the Lyric. That is why you need to provide Alexa with your TC2 login credentials. You are essentially giving Alexa the authority to control your Lyric System. You can use Alexa voice commands to Arm the system, checking current system status, and performing smart scenes to control home automation devices. Commands are performed by saying, "Alexa, ask Honeywell to (command)." The (command) in parenthesis refers to the command you would like to perform.

One thing you cannot do using Alexa voice commands is Disarm your Lyric System. This is because Disarming using Alexa voice commands would be considered a security risk. Anyone could come up to your home or business and yell, "Alexa, ask Honeywell to Disarm!" And then they would have free access to your building. For that reason, Disarming using Alexa is not possible. You must Disarm using the panel, keypad, key fob, or Total Connect 2.0. In addition to using Alexa for voice commands, you can also use Apple HomeKit and Siri to control your system. More info on using HomeKit with the Lyric can be found here.

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