Is the Honeywell Lyric Security System Compatible w/ Google Home?

No, the Honeywell Lyric Security System is not compatible with Google Home. There are currently no standalone voice assistant devices that are capable of operating the Lyric Controller. At this time, the only way to operate the Lyric Controller using voice is by using Apple HomeKit.

In order for a security system to be controlled by a voice assistant, any commands will typically have to use WIFI communication. The command will go from the WIFI-connected voice assistant device to the interactive service that is synced with the security system. The interactive service will then send the command to the panel so that it can go through. This is currently possible with most security panels that are compatible with

However, the Honeywell Lyric Controller is not compatible with Instead, it uses the Total Connect service. Unlike, Total Connect has not embraced voice-operated assistants. This makes it almost impossible to control a Honeywell security system using voice commands. Although and Total Connect are largely seen as equals in most categories, this is one major advantage that ADC maintains over TC.

At the present time, the only possible way to operate a Lyric Controller using voice commands is with Apple HomeKit. This is an app exclusively for iOS devices that allows users to operate smart devices using the SIRI voice assistant. Interestingly, any commands that are sent from Apple HomeKit to the Lyric Controller do not pass through Total Connect. Instead, they are sent directly from the user's HomeKit account to the Lyric Controller. This is possible thanks to the WIFI connectivity of the Lyric. The Lyric Controller itself will actually sync with the user's HomeKit account so that commands can go through. Please note that no other Honeywell security system is capable of being controlled using HomeKit.

Although Google Home cannot operate the Lyric Controller, it is capable of operating a Lyric Thermostat. This is done by syncing the user's Lyric account (set up using the Honeywell Home App) with their Google Home device. A command sent from Google Home will go to the user's Lyric account. The Lyric account will then pass the command on to the Lyric Thermostat. Once the command is received, the Lyric Thermostat will perform the desired action.

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