Is the Honeywell Lyric Z-Wave Compatible?

Yes, the Honeywell Lyric is Z-Wave compatible. The system can readily connect with Z-Wave devices as soon as it is powered on, and no additional add-on devices are needed. You will use the automation menu of the Lyric Controller in order to add and configure all of your Z-Wave devices.

The process for adding a new Z-Wave device to a Lyric Controller is virtually the same for any type of Z-Wave device. Start by excluding the Z-Wave device from the network before attempting to include it with the setup. Many Z-Wave devices are included with a network as part of a quality check, before they leave the factory, so excluding them first is always a good idea. After excluding the device, proceed with including it into the Z-Wave network.

From the home screen of the Lyric, go to Automation > down arrow > Tools > Exclude Devices. This will put the Lyric into exclusion mode. Follow the directions on the Z-Wave device for exclusion. This usually entails pressing the function button. The Z-Wave device will be excluded from the network. Next, press the return arrow in the upper-right portion of the screen. Select "Include Devices" to put the Lyric into inclusion mode. Again, follow the directions on the Z-Wave device to include it into the network. If successful, the Lyric will display that a new device was added.

Once the device has been added, you may want to set it up with your Total Connect account so that it can be controlled remotely. This is usually done automatically in Total Connect, but can also be done by logging into Total Connect and then navigating to the "Locations" section. Select the option for syncing the panel. This will have the panel sync with the Total Connect account. Afterwards, all new Z-Wave devices will show up in Total Connect. You will then be able to control the Z-Wave device using the Total Connect platform. If you use the Total Connect mobile app, you will have the ability to control the device from virtually anywhere in the world.

Z-Wave devices can also be set up to activate automatically using rules and scenes. This can be done using the Smart Scenes function of the Lyric*. A scene will tell the Lyric Controller to activate a set of pre-determined Z-Wave devices. For instance, a scene for when you plan on going to bed might turn off all of your Z-Wave lights, lock your Z-Wave door lock, turn down your Z-Wave thermostat and set your system to arm stay. A rule is an occurrence that will tell a scene to activate. For example, a rule might activate a scene when a motion sensor is triggered, when the panel is disarmed, when a door is opened, when a glass break is activated and more. The possibilities for using rules and scenes for Z-Wave devices on the Lyric Controller truly is endless.

*NOTE: When not associated with a Total Connect account, Smart Scenes can be created locally through the Lyric's touchscreen interface. Once the Lyric is associated with a Total Connect account, local scene programming is disabled, and all scenes must then be programmed through the Total Connect interface.

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