How Many Z-Wave Devices Does the Lyric Controller Support?

The Lyric was designed with Z-Wave in mind, the panel ships with Z-Wave capability. Z-Wave devices are easily learned into the Lyric by using the automation feature from the home screen of the panel. The Lyric can support up to 72 Z-Wave devices such as Z-Wave lights, Z-Wave locks, and Z-Wave thermostats.

Compatible Z-Wave Devices. The Lyric panel can work with a majority of home automation Z-Wave devices, these are non-security devices. In other words, the Lyric will only support control devices, not security devices like motion detectors or door contacts. Z-Wave security devices are not reliable enough yet. The most common Z-Wave devices that are used with the Lyric would be automated lights, locks, and thermostats. These are the three more popular Z-Wave device types that are commonly used within homes. The lyric supports up to 6 locks, 6 thermostats, and 60 lights/other devices. The Lyric also supports Z-Wave water valves.

The Locks can be set to arm and disarm your system. For example: if you are coming home, the system is armed and you do not have access to a remote control application, simply unlocking your Z-Wave lock with the proper code can disarm the system. The same is true for the reverse, arming the system by locking the door. This feature is optional, you can always set up the locks so they just lock or unlock when the system is armed or disarmed.

Lights are straight forward, they can be set to turn on or off and even dim if the light has that capability. Thermostats are fairly straight forward as well, they can be set to increase or decrease temperature. Once you set up scenes with your system, which will be discussed in further detail, you will be able to use these to their full advantage.

Enrollment. From the home automation section, located on the home screen of the Lyric, you will be able to include Z-Wave devices into the panel. The inclusion process is triggered by activating the function key, or key combo, on the device you are attempting to learn into the panel. If you are having issues including the device by performing this action, then an exclusion should be performed. the exclusion will free up the device incase something else is occupying the signal sent by the device.

To include/exclude devices into the panel follow these steps: Automation > Down Arrow > Tools > Include/Exclude Devices

Testing. To test the Z-Wave devices, simply go into the automation section of the panel and you will be able to view all the devices that have been enrolled. Selecting a device will bring up a screen that allows for control of said device. Doing this would be the best way of testing the devices, since the screen allows access to the function of the device.

Scenes. Setting up scenes is the best way to take advantage of Z-Wave devices. Scenes are used to trigger specific zones at once, using one command. For example: setting up a scene for when you go to sleep. The system will arm stay, lock your doors, turn off lights, adjust AC, close blinds, etc. Scenes will transform your panel from just a security system, to a full fledged home controller.

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Just go into the automation section and select the type of device you want. Then press the switch 001. There should be an edit button you can press to adjust the name of the device.
How about renaming z wave light switches from switch 001 to something else
If you are enrolled in Total Connect you can configure scenes under the automation section labeled "smart scenes." There is a wizard that walks you through configuring the scene. Here are some helpful tips:
Where in the user guide or anywhere does it tell you how to set up scenes

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