Why can't I see Z-Wave devices in Total Connect?

There are several possibilities why you may not be seeing your Z-Wave devices in the Total Connect 2.0 app. First, do you have "remote automation" setup with your Total Connect account. Most dealers will not enable the automation features unless the service is specifically requested. For example, when you first activated your Total Connect app maybe you did not have any Z-Wave devices enrolled yet. Generally, your alarm company will leave the TC automation disabled since, in that case they will be paying for a service that the customer will not utilize.

If there is not a separate section in TC labeled, "Devices" and "Scenes" you will need to reach out to your provider and request that they add this service. If you have a Tuxedo Touch and/or VAM you will need to provide the MAC and MAC CRC information for these devices in order to link these Z-Wave controllers to the Total Connect account. For Lynx Touch and Lyric panels, this feature can simply be enabled without any additional information from the customer.

Assuming that you have already enrolled in TC automation service the first thing to check is the local controller. In other words, verify that the Z-Wave devices are properly included in the panel. If you are seeing them on the panel locally the next thing to do is perform a "Sync Panel" command from the Locations section on TC2. This sync is available on the web login: www.totalconnect2.com or the iPad or phone app. Honeywell VISTA panels require that the sync be performed manually; whereas the Lynx Touch and Lyric panels should automatically perform a sync when programming changes occur.

In any case, the best practice for ensuring that all your included devices are showing in TC2 is to perform a panel sync. Once logged into Total Connect 2.0, go to Locations. This may be located in the "More" screen if you're using the app on an iOS device. You can get to this screen by clicking the three (3) dots icon at the lower right of the app. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and find the blue button that says "Sync Panel". If you have multiple locations tied to a single Total Connect 2.0 login, you will see all locations in a list with a sync icon to the right of each. The icon looks like two arrows, going in a circle. Clicking this icon will also initiate a Panel Sync.

If the automation syncs are failing we recommend reaching out to your alarm company so they can troubleshoot the specific issue with your panel. This usually indicates an issue with the network that the automation controller is connected through. If the syncs are succeeding but you are still not seeing all Z-wave devices online, you will want to circle back to the panel. You can try excluding and re-including the device at the panel, then sync again.

If you have devices that fail to include with your controller just keep in mind that not all Z-Wave devices are compatible with all Z-Wave controllers. Furthermore, Honeywell Z-Wave integration does not support sensors like motion detectors, door or window contacts and smoke detectors. These systems are strictly designed for lifestyle enhancement automation devices like thermostats, door locks, lighting controls and water valves. And finally, be sure to exclude any new Z-Wave device before attempting to include it. In many cases, devices are tested at the factory, and then are not excluded before being packaged.

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Hi Emma, When we posted that we meant that you could use a 3rd party system in conjunction with the monitored Honeywell system. For instance, if you had IP cameras that give you access to view the house remotely, you would be able to answer an alarm call from the central station on an alarm from your 21iP system and tell them your false alarm password and ask them to hold a minute while you check your camera feed to see if it's a real alarm or a false alarm. We don't sell these third party systems so we don't have specific recommendations but if you do some searching around IP cameras or video surveillance, I'm sure you'd find some good options.
Hi Sterling, In your response to Larry B., you stated, "There are certainly third party automation and camera systems that have no monthly fees that can be used in conjunction with a Honeywell alarm system ...." Can you tell us which third party systems work with a Honeywell Vista 21IP and Tuxedo WIFI? Thanks! Emma
Honeywell offers these extra features as add-ons to a base Total Connect 2.0 account because they want to offer the best possible price for someone that wouldn't necessarily use these features. If they lumped all the services into one plan, we'd have to charge more for a basic plan, even if someone wasn't using automation or video. With that said, there are certainly third party automation and camera systems that have no monthly fees that can be used in conjunction with a Honeywell alarm system and because we offer a tiered plan structure at https://www.alarmgrid.com/monitoring, a user is able to choose the right level of monitoring service for their system.
It is a shame that Honeywell Alarmnet has to apply incremental charges for every feature. While Z-Wave control might be occasionally useful from TC 2.0, the cost is not justified. I even question the cost of video. These are sunk costs for Honeywell so I do feel nickel-dimed.

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