Is a Honeywell MID-7H compatible with a Tuxedo Touch?

While the Honeywell MID-7H Android tablet acts as an auxiliary alarm keypad for the Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch alarm control panel, it is not fully compatible with the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch or Tuxedo Touch WIFI keypads. The box that the MID-7H tablet comes in is somewhat misleading as it says that it is compatible with the L5100 and the Tuxedo Touch keypads. However, there is no convenient app on the device that allows you to control a Tuxedo keypad.

The L5100 Connect app comes preloaded on the MID-7H and gives you an exact replica of the L5100 control panel. With the Tuxedo keypads, you have to bring up the browser and then access the Tuxedo Touch using the actual IP address of the device. Therefore, you can use the MID-7H to control your Tuxedo Touch and if you have your Tuxedo Touch connected to a VISTA Series alarm control panel, you can use the MID-7H to control your security system. However, it is not done through a convenient one touch app like it is when used with the L5100 LYNX Touch system.

Using the MID-7H with the Tuxedo Touch is the same as using any internet enabled device. When you are on the same local network as the Tuxedo Touch, you simply enter the IP address of the Tuxedo in your web browser to pull up the Tuxedo interface.

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