Is a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch a stand-alone alarm system?

The Honeywell Tuxedo is not a stand-alone alarm system. It is just a keypad for Vista Series panels that are compatible with AUI displays. That said, it is important to note that the Tuxedo Touch can easily operate as a Z-Wave controller with or without being attached to a security system. Unfortunately, however, the Tux only offers local control for Z-Wave devices as it is not yet compatible with Total Connect 2.0. Though some have accomplished external control of the TUX by using port forwarding.

If you like the look of the Tuxedo Touch, but you were hoping that you might find something that could do everything the TUX can with relatively little effort, let me introduce you to the L5100. The L5100, with the addition of an L5100-ZWAVE module, can accomplish most of the features of the Tuxedo Touch, but is much more affordable and it IS a self-contained alarm system to boot. Just choose whether you want to be monitored through IP or the more secure cellular option (or both), add the appropriate radio, and you will have a wireless home security system that rivals both any modern security system and home automation controller.

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