Is the Tuxedo Touch a System?

A Tuxedo Touch WIFI can be used as a home automation hub, but not as a stand-alone security system. It is a wall-mounted, 7-inch touchscreen with built-in Z-Wave capabilities. Its primary function is usually as a Z-Wave-capable keypad that is connected to a VISTA security system.

When used by itself, the Tuxedo Touch is a standalone home automation system. The unit has a high resolution, 7-inch touch screen display. It also has a built-in web server, and can connect to a network via WIFI or through its integrated Ethernet jack. It is important to note that earlier models do not support WIFI. The web server allows users to connect and interact with the system over the local network, and can be configured for remote access with port forwarding.

The Tuxedo Touch can simultaneously interface with and control 232 Z-Wave devices. The system can program the Z-Wave devices into up to 30 scenes. A scene is a group of devices that are programmed to run when a certain event or trigger occurs. The Tuxedo Touch is compatible with multiple different ip cameras, including the proprietary Honeywell IPCAM models. It can also be programmed for voice control. There are 6 available voice commands that can have customized actions programmed to them.

The Tuxedo Touch has the ability to function as a fully functional touchscreen keypad and is compatible with wired VISTA alarm systems. This brings the Z-Wave functionality to the VISTA system. Automation devices can be programmed into scenes that trigger based on alarm events. With a Total Connect 2.0 account, the Tuxedo Touch can let a user remotely activate and program their Z-Wave devices. Total Connect 2.0 is an app and web interface that lets users remotely control and view the status of their alarm system and Z-Wave devices like lights, locks, and thermostats.

Tuxedo Touch WIFI Features:


7-inch Widescreen Color Display

800x600 with 16 million colors


Built-in WIFI network interface card

Built-in Ethernet Jack


Interfaces up to 232 Z-Wave devices

Can program up to 30 scenes


Can interface with compatible MPEG4, H.264, and OnVIF cameras

Compatible with all Honeywell IPCAM models

Records to an installed SD or SDHC card

Voice Control

Can control system and connected devices with selected voice commands:

-Wake Up

-Bed Time

-Leaving The House

-Returning Home



Security System

Works as a touchscreen keypad and Z-Wave controller when added to a compatible VISTA alarm system

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