Is there a graphical touchscreen keypad that can be added to the L5200?

The Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch does not currently support an auxiliary touchscreen display keypad. As of now, the only two keypads that will control your L5200 are the Honeywell 5828 and 5828V wireless keypads. The 5828 only has a chime function while the 5828V allows for voice annunciation and 2 way voice with support central stations. They are both fixed english keypad similar to the style of a Honeywell 6150 wired fixed english keypad. What makes the 5828's unique is that they do not require a wired data connection back to the alarm system. Check out our installation video to get a better idea of what it takes to add one of these units to your system: 

Honeywell 5828 installation

Although these keypads are "wireless" they still function best when wired with a Honeywell K0991 AC transformer. If you have an existing wire run you can splice into it with the K0991. It is important to note that the 5828's can function on battery power. However the reason why we push our customers to use the transformer is due to the "battery-saving sleep mode." When a 5828 is battery powered (3 x AA batteries) it will go to "sleep" after only 15 seconds of inactivity. The only way to "wake it up" is to press and hold the star (*) key. This means that when you first enter the home you will not be warned with the delay period audible beeps to remind you to disarm the alarm system before the alarm is tripped. 

If Honeywell releases a graphical touchscreen that can be configured with the L5200 our customers will be the first to know via the Alarm Grid Blog

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