Is there a Module that will Make a Honeywell Panel Work on

Yes, there is a module that will make a Honeywell Panel work on There are various ADC System Enhancement Modules (SEM) that are used with Honeywell VISTA Systems to allow them to communicate with the Servers. This way, a user can control their system through

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In order to connect with, a system needs a compatible cellular communicator. usually doesn't manufacture such communicators for Honeywell Alarm Systems. This is because Honeywell Systems usually connect to the Total Connect 2.0 Service instead of ADC. Total Connect 2.0 offers virtually all of the same features and functions as, so this typically isn't a major concern. A user with a Honeywell Alarm System will normally just use Total Connect 2.0 as their remote access service. In fact, for owners of a Honeywell Lyric or a Honeywell LYNX Touch, this is their only real option for remote arming and disarming. There are currently no ADC SEM devices for these systems, and there probably never will be.

However, the Honeywell VISTA Systems are an exception to the norm in this case. has actually produced a few SEM devices that serve as Cellular Communicators. By using one of these modules, a Honeywell VISTA System will connect with a cellular network and access the Servers. This will also require that the user has an appropriate alarm monitoring plan and that they have created their own account. A user can then access to arm and disarm their system, control smart home devices, check the status of sensors, view ADC Cameras, and more.

At this time, the only ADC SEM device for a Honeywell VISTA System that we offer is the ADC-SEM110-VT-VZ. This communicator will connect a VISTA System with the Verizon LTE Network for fast and reliable communication. If you have a Honeywell VISTA System and you want to use instead of Total Connect 2.0 for whatever reason, this is the module to get.

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