What Is Alarm.com?

Alarm.com is an interactive service platform that is used with many different alarm systems. By setting up their system with Alarm.com, a user will be able to control their system remotely. This can be done from a web browser or using the Alarm.com Mobile App for Android and iOS devices.

Alarm.com is an exciting service that allows users to control their alarm systems in a number of different ways. Once a user has accessed Alarm.com, they can arm and disarm their system, check the current status of their sensors, operate Z-Wave home automation devices, view the live feed of security cameras and more. A user will simply need to access the Alarm.com server and then login to their Alarm.com account.

Remote access is not required when using Alarm.com. All outbound signals that are sent by the alarm system will first pass through Alarm.com before reaching their ultimate destination. This includes any alarm events and system notifications. These signals are all sent using fast and reliable cellular communication. Alarm.com will then forward these signals to a central station and/or to the end user as a notification depending upon the monitoring plan selected.

However, a user will need a few things before they can access Alarm.com. First, they will need a system that is compatible with Alarm.com. Many system manufacturers use Alarm.com, including control panels from 2GIG, Qolsys, Interlogix and DSC. But some manufacturers do not use Alarm.com, and they instead use a different interactive service. An example is Honeywell, which uses its own AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 platform.

Second, the system will need an Alarm.com cellular communicator. This is needed for sending and receiving signals with Alarm.com. The cellular communicator will need to be activated and registered with an alarm monitoring company. The user will also need an alarm monitoring plan that includes access to the Alarm.com service. For Alarm Grid customers, these are the Gold and Platinum level monitoring plans. For customers who wish to receive central station monitoring only, with no remote services, we offer the cellular alarm monitoring option.

Once the user's alarm monitoring company activates their account, they should receive information on how to get started with Alarm.com. In the case of Alarm Grid, we send an email that provides instructions on how to get started with Alarm.com. This includes creating an Alarm.com account. A user will use this account whenever they want to access Alarm.com and control their security system.

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