What Is in Installer Programming on the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System?

There are many menu options in Installer Programming on the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. These menu options are used for making major changes to the system's settings and configurations. The end user must provide the Lyric System's Installer Code to access Installer Programming.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

To access Installer Programming, you should start from the main screen of the system. You should then choose Security, followed by Tools. You will then need to provide the Installer Code for the system. This code is set to 4112 by default, and it is recommended that it not be changed. The Installer Code should not be confused with the Master Code, which is 1234 by default. Unlike the Installer Code, the Master Code is usually changed for security purposes. Entering the Master Code at this screen will take you to the Master Tools Menu instead. After you have successfully entered in the four-digit Installer Code, you should select Programming. This will take you into Installer Programming.

Once you are in Installer Programming, you will be presented with many menu options. The available menu options and a brief description of each option are listed below:

  • Installer Code: Lets you change the system's Installer Code.
  • System Type: Lets you adjust RF Jam settings and the RF House Code. RF House Code should always be set to 0 for proper system operation.
  • Date Time: Lets you adjust the system's date and time.
  • Communicator: Lets you set the system's communication path and other communication settings.
  • Zones: Used for enrolling and configuring sensors, key fobs and keypads. Also used for configuring the settings for the panic buttons on the system.
  • Comm. Diagnostics: Advanced settings for the system's communication path.
  • Keys: Menu option for easily enrolling and configuring key fobs.
  • Reporter: Used for configuring how and when the panel will send outbound alerts and notifications to a central station and AlarmNet360.
  • Sounder: Lets you configure burglary alarm settings and bell timeout settings.
  • System Settings: Includes a variety of configurable settings, including Entry Delay, Exit Delay, Quick Arm, Quick Exit, Auto-Stay Arming, and much more.
  • Default Config: Used for loading a default configuration to factory reset the panel. This will clear all programming settings and require reconfiguration with AlarmNet360.
  • Z-Wave: Used for enabling or disabling Z-Wave functionality.
  • Reset Master Code: Allows you to reset the Master Code back to the default of 1234.
  • Language: Allows you to set the default language for both the Installer and the User. Options for English, Spanish, French and Portuguese are available.
  • RF Keypad: Menu option for easily enrolling and configuring secondary keypads.
  • SiX Programming: Menu option for easily enrolling SiX Series Sensors.

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