What is the "Abort Window Dialer Delay" on a 2GIG Security System?

The "Abort Window Dialer Delay" helps end-users avoid false dispatches by giving a homeowner time to disarm their system before a signal is sent to central station. In both the 2GIG GC2 & GC3, timers can be set to 15, 30, or 45 seconds. Each zone can be set to follow or ignore the delay.

In the 2GIG GC2, this feature is called "Abort Window Dialer Delay" and is located in Q35. This delay only applies to Burglary zones, not to 24 hour zones such as Panic, Fire, and Carbon Monoxide. By default, the delay is set to 30 seconds, but can be changed to 15, or 45 seconds. You can not disable the delay in this field, but you can program each Burglary zone to either observe the delay, or ignore it and report immediately.

In the 2GIG GC3, this feature is called "Alarm Abort Window Transmission Delay" and is located in Q39. Once again, this delay will only be applied to Burglary zones, not to 24 hour zones such as Panic, Fire and Carbon Monoxide. The options for this feature are 15, 30 and 45 seconds, with 30 seconds being the default setting. Each zone will have a question "Transmission Delay" with the option of Enabled or Disabled.

In either panel, when enabled, if the zone goes into alarm, the system will wait either 15, 30, or 45 seconds (depending on the setting in Q35 or Q39) before it transmits the alarm to the monitoring station. This allows the user to quickly disarm, in the event of an accidental alarm, before any reports are sent. At the system, the alarm will sound and display immediately, but as long as the system is disarmed with a valid code within the programmed delay time, no report will be sent to the monitoring station.

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