What is the Best Home Security System?

Two of our favorite security systems are the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 and the Honeywell Lyric Controller. Both are state-of-the-art wireless security systems that offer all the features and capabilities one would expect out of a modern security panel. They are both great systems for DIY users.

The IQ Panel 2 is the flagship security panel from Qolsys. It is a sleek panel with a thin design and a beautiful 7-inch LCD touchscreen display. Qolsys designed the panel to be very easy to navigate, and it offers a particularly easy learning curve for end users. Programming new sensors is a simple and straightforward process, as is adjusting system settings. The system also comes included with all the bells and whistles that one would want out of a new security panel. This includes a built-in cellular communicator, a WIFI communicator, a camera and more. The IQ Panel 2 connects with 319.5 MHz wireless sensors, which includes the encrypted Qolsys S-Line of sensors.

The Lyric Controller is the newest security system from Honeywell, a very proven company in the security industry. The Lyric is also easy to navigate, and it is known for being incredibly durable and built-to-last. It has all the capabilities and features needed for a complete security setup. However, a cellular communicator will need to be added separately if cellular connectivity is desired. The panel does come pre-included with a WIFI communicator and a camera. The Lyric Controller connects with 345 MHz wireless sensors, and the encrypted Honeywell SiX Series sensors.

While both systems are easy to use, some users say that the IQ Panel 2 possesses the easier learning curve. The IQ Panel 2 also maintains the sleeker design and thinner profile, and many people say that it is the best looking panel in the entire industry. Another advantage to the IQ Panel 2 is that it comes pre-included with a cellular communicator, while the Lyric Controller will need to have one added separately. However, the Lyric Controller offers connectivity with a greater number of wireless security sensors, including having access to the entire Honeywell 5800 Series lineup. While Qolsys also has some great sensors, their selection is considerably more limited. Another difference is that the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 connects with the Alarm.com interactive service, while the Lyric accesses Total Connect. Both are excellent services, and the choice of which is better largely comes down to preference.

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The battery does usually come fully charged but sometimes they need some time to re-charge once the unit is installed and plugged into AC power.
Upon installing the Honeywell L7000, is it normal to receive a "low battery" notification? Is this the back-up battery taking time to charge?
Hi Dylan, You are absolutely right. This is a biased review, but this is an opinion question. After working with all kinds of security systems from all different manufacturers over the years, we feel the L5100 is the best for MOST applications. As new systems come out, we may change our mind, but for now, this is our preference. Also, of course, not every situation is the same so it's hard to pick one system that is the best for everyone but we think the L5100 is as close as it gets.
This review is completely biased. It reviews only one alarm system, and gives no comparison to the wired counterpart! There are many great wired alarm systems out there as well. In fact, aside from the initial install, one could even argue that wired home security systems are more secure than the aforementioned alarm system. Before I spark a huge debate, I realize this is in the Honeywell L5100 FAQs section. So calm thine titties.

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