What is the best home security system?

All home security systems are designed to protect your home from intrusion. Home security systems are made up of a main processor called the alarm control panel, at least one controller called a keypad, any number of sensors that actually detect the intrusion and some type of alarm notification device such as an alarm siren or strobe. Over the past several years, Honeywell has taken leaps and bounds towards catching up with the technology in adjacent industry. The rock solid wired VISTA panel that proved Honeywell is a dependable brand is no longer the cat's meow.

Wireless home security systems utilize newer technology making it possible for end users to install and program their own systems. If you are a DIYer looking for a new home security system you have to come to the right place. The newly released Honeywell L5200 and L7000 LYNX Touch models are currently the top dogs in the industry. Honeywell's history of producing revolutionary alarm panels is not over. The L5200's 4.7 inch and the L7000's 7 inch (diagonally) graphic touchscreens make for a perfect harmony between function and aesthetics. The icon-based programming makes thinking back to alphanumeric field-based programming a concept of the past. The LYNX Touch models are self-contained wireless alarm control panels; also referred to as all-in-one (AIO) wireless home security systems. 

The panels incorporate a keypad for programming and arming, a built-in 95 db siren, a backup battery (4-8 hours), and AC transformer. The panel does not include a power supply cable to connect the transformer to your panel. You can use any 18 to 22 gauge wiring or pick up an LT Cable which is a prefabricated 8 foot cable. This makes hard reboots easier without the need of disconnecting your transformer. 

Here at Alarm Grid, we feel the Honeywell LYNX Touch family offers the best protection with the most intuitive and straight-forward layout for both control and programming. These systems can be installed and programmed by just about anyone. You do not have to worry about running wires through your attic and walls. Also, as the LYNX Touch units have brilliant graphic touchscreen displays, the system is easy on the eyes and fingers. You do not have to learn complicated keystroke commands or technical user interfaces like you would with a more traditional wired home security system.

Aside from the easy installation and ease of use, the LYNX Touch systems are the only Honeywell panels that offer a WIFI solution via the Honeywell L5100-WIFI module. This module allows your system to transmit signals through your WIFI network after a simple pairing process. You can also use the Honeywell 4GL cellular communicator to utilize a more reliable 4G cellular path. You can even use the L5100-WIFI in conjunction with the 4GL for secure and reliable dual path alarm monitoring. The LYNX Touch home security systems can also act as a home automation controller when upgraded with the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE module. By installing Z-Wave® devices throughout your home, your alarm system will be able to automatically lock your doors, turn off your lights and set your thermostat to a certain temperature when you arm your system.

The bottom line is the LYNX Touch gives you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected. The Honeywell brand  stands behind its products and his proved to produce quality, long-lasting alarm equipment for decades. The versatility of Honeywell's wide range of 5800 Series wireless sensors will protect you from all types of emergencies, not just burglary. For example, fire, freeze and flood detection can be the most devastating to a home or business. Protect yourself today. Pick up a new Honeywell wireless security system kit and put your security concerns to rest! 

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The battery does usually come fully charged but sometimes they need some time to re-charge once the unit is installed and plugged into AC power.
Upon installing the Honeywell L7000, is it normal to receive a "low battery" notification? Is this the back-up battery taking time to charge?
Hi Dylan, You are absolutely right. This is a biased review, but this is an opinion question. After working with all kinds of security systems from all different manufacturers over the years, we feel the L5100 is the best for MOST applications. As new systems come out, we may change our mind, but for now, this is our preference. Also, of course, not every situation is the same so it's hard to pick one system that is the best for everyone but we think the L5100 is as close as it gets.
This review is completely biased. It reviews only one alarm system, and gives no comparison to the wired counterpart! There are many great wired alarm systems out there as well. In fact, aside from the initial install, one could even argue that wired home security systems are more secure than the aforementioned alarm system. Before I spark a huge debate, I realize this is in the Honeywell L5100 FAQs section. So calm thine titties.

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