What Is the Best No-Contract Alarm System for a House?

The best no-contract alarm system for a house comes down mostly to personal preference. We generally advise homeowners to choose a wireless security system because they are easy to use and install. All of the security systems available from Alarm Grid are no contract.

At Alarm Grid, we take great pride in providing no-contract monitoring plans for our customers. There are never any cancellation fess, and you can terminate your service with us at anytime. All of the panels that we offer are non-proprietary, and they are yours to keep if you ever decide to end service. The panel can then be taken to another monitoring company if desired. Regardless of which panel you choose, you are getting complete and total freedom.

Still, it's important to choose a panel that suits your personal needs. For homeowners and DIY users, we recommend selecting a wireless security system. These devices are very easy for beginners to install and program. They are straightforward to navigate, and they offer aesthetically pleasing designs that fit in very well with the decor in most homes. Alarm Grid offers security panels from Honeywell, 2GIG and Qolsys. Each company has their own "flagship" wireless panel that offers all of the capabilities and functions that one would expect out of a modern security system.

Honeywell has been a big name in the security industry for many years. Their state-of-the-art Lyric Controller has turned many heads since its release. The Lyric Controller comes with built-in WIFI, and a cellular communicator can be added for a dual-path communication setup. It also includes a built-in Z-Wave controller, and it is fully compatible with Honeywell's Total Connect service. The Lyric Controller can also interface with the fully encrypted SiX Series of wireless security sensors. If you're looking for a panel from a tried and true company like Honeywell, you cannot go wrong with the Lyric Controller.

2GIG (2 Guys In a Garage) was founded by two ex-Honeywell employees who decided to venture out into the security industry on their own. Their latest offering, the 2GIG GC3, is a beautiful system with a 7-inch LCD touchscreen display. It comes complete with WIFI and cellular capabilities and a built-in Z-Wave controller. Interestingly, the GC3 can also connect with any Honeywell 5800 Series Sensor. This allows the system to connect with an incredibly wide variety of sensors. The GC3 panel is also renowned for its fantastic durability, making it a great selection for anyone who want a reliable and modern security panel.

Last but not least, Qolsys is a relatively newcomer to the security industry. However, their IQ Panel 2 has already received rave reviews. It is the smallest, most compact all-in-one security panel that we offer. But that hasn't stopped it from possessing a stunning 7-inch LCD touchscreen display. It is arguably the best looking panel available on the market today. It is also the only security system that comes included with a built-in cellular communicator. Depending on the model that is purchased, the system will connect with either the AT&T or the Verizon network. Of course, the IQ Panel 2 also comes included with built-in WIFI capabilities and a Z-Wave controller. Although Qolsys is still quite new to the game, you wouldn't have guessed it with their tremendous IQ Panel 2.

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