What is the Best Wired LCD Keypad?

The best wired LCD keypad is the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI. This LCD touchscreen boasts an impressive amount of features, all in one intuitive and user-friendly device. The Tuxedo will provide your system with Z-Wave home automation as well as a Graphic User Interface for your alarm system.

The Tuxedo Touch WIFI is generally paired with a Honeywell VISTA System. Because VISTA panels do not include an integrated keypad, they require one to be added so that users can arm and disarm their system and make changes to their security setup. The Tuxedo Touch WIFI is a very popular choice for this task, largely due to the fact that many users are attracted to its colorful LCD touchscreen that is very easy to use.

In addition to being particularly user-friendly for a security keypad, the Tuxedo Touch WIFI will instantly enhance the capabilities of a hard-wired panel. For starters, arming and disarming your system is made very simple with the Tuxedo Touch. Many users appreciate the colored LCD touchscreen, which appears much more inviting than a standard black-and-white text-based keypad. Instead, the Tuxedo is friendlier and more appealing, providing you with security related prompts for arming and disarming as well as the current weather, time and system status.

The Tuxedo Touch WIFI also has some impressive hardware behind its welcoming interface. The device offers WIFI capability, which allows a VISTA system with an AlarmNet communicator enabled with Total connect 2.0, to control the system's Z-Wave devices remotely.

Z-Wave home automation is another impressive feature of the Tuxedo Touch WIFI. In addition to being able to control Z-Wave devices through the keypad's touchscreen interface, you can also control these devices through the Total Connect app from just about anywhere in the world. Z-Wave devices can be automated, through Scenes and Rules, to turn on and off on a schedule, upon a system event, such as the fault of a particular motion when you enter a room, or manually.

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