What is the DSC PG9312?

The DSC PG9312 is a PowerG Door Contact specifically designed for outdoor use. It has a protective outer casing that keeps out moisture and dust. The sensor also allows for a large magnet spacing gap of up to 1.75". It is great for fences, gates, barns, outdoor patio doors, and more.

The DSC PG9312 works like most door and window contacts. It has a sensor and a magnet. The larger sensor goes on the stationary frame of the door, fence, or gate. The smaller magnet goes on the moving part of the door, fence, or gate. You must make sure the magnet and sensor are properly aligned when installing. There are indentations on the side of the sensor that mark this. You should have the sensor and magnet as close as possible when the structure is closed. Ideally, they should be in direct contact. Hence the name, contacts. But remember, this sensor allows for a larger than average spacing gap of 1.75".

As a PowerG Sensor, the DSC PG9312 offers some great features. It can communicate from up to 2km away in open air depending on the system it is used with. It is a really nice sensor to use if your system is located a far distance away. It also uses 128-bit AES encryption in all of its wireless communication. This makes the sensor virtually impossible for others to hack or takeover. It is also immune to any RF jamming techniques. The sensor offers a tough, weather-resistant exterior that makes it perfect for outdoor use. You can also use it as a wireless transmitter for a single hardwired contact.

The DSC PG9312 works with most PowerG-compatible security systems. This includes any DSC PowerSeries NEO with added PowerG Transceiver, the DSC Iotega, and most versions of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. However, if you plan to use the sensor with the IQ Panel 2 Plus, then there is one very important thing to note. There was an issue with the IQ Panel 2 Plus Firmware that made the DSC PG9312 incompatible with the system. This was fixed in Firmware Version 2.4.0. As a result, your IQ Panel 2 Plus must be running Firmware 2.4.0 or higher to support the PG9312. More information is available in this handy FAQ.

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