What Is the Range of a Honeywell 5816?

The range of a Honeywell 5816 is 200 nominal feet. This means that when the sensor and the security panel are in an open air environment, they will have a maximum signal range of 200 feet. Remember that obstacles such as walls and large metal objects may interfere with this 200 foot range.

Honeywell 5816 wireless door window sensor

The Honeywell 5816 is one of the most popular wireless door and window contact sensors ever produced. The sensor offered unprecedented wireless range and overall reliability for its time, which helped to make it the go-to option for many professional installers and DIY users. Today, most new users will purchase a Honeywell 5800MINI instead. This sensor offers the same range and a more compact and sleeker design. But it's very possible that you may come across a Honeywell 5816 in many homes and businesses.

One advantage of the Honeywell 5816 is that it can double as a wireless transmitter. This means that you can connect a single Normally Closed (NC) hardwired device to the 5816 for wireless communication with the panel. The 5816 will send out a wireless signal on the behalf of the hardwired sensor. Please note that the 5816 uses Loop Number 2 for its contact reed switch and Loop Number 1 for wireless transmitting. You must program the sensor accordingly. It is technically possible to program both Loop Numbers with two separate zones to achieve both functions.

When using the Honeywell 5816, a user can expect a range of 200 feet in open air. But this 200 foot range is dependent upon many factors. Obstacles like walls and large objects will reduce this range. Also keep in mind that the range can be greatly affected if you install the sensor on a metal door or structure. Metal interferes with the range, and it can result in the sensor work unreliably. It is always important that you test the sensor after installation to make sure that it is communicating as it should.

If you find that you are experiencing communication issues with the 5816 sensor, one solution might be to add a wireless repeater. The repeater will take the signal sent out from the 5816 and send it out a second time. This will effectively double the range of the sensor and allow it to reach the panel more effectively. Keep in mind that you can only repeat the signal once. You cannot add a second repeater to send out the signal a third time. A good repeater to use with the 5816 is the Honeywell 5800RP.

Also remember that the Honeywell 5816 operates at 345 MHz. It is a uni-directional unencrypted devices that will work with nearly any system that has a 345 MHz wireless receiver. This includes most Honeywell Systems and most 2GIG Systems. If you have an alarm system that accepts signals at a frequency other than 345 MHz, then you can technically use a wireless signal translator to make the 5816 sensor compatible. A good option if you decide to go that route is the Resolution Products RE524X. However, it is usually just easier to get a wireless sensor that already operates at a compatible frequency with no translator needed.

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