What Kind of Battery Does the Honeywell 5800RP Use?

The 5800RP uses a 7.2 VDC Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) rechargeable battery pack, capable of providing up to 6 hours of standby power for operation in the event of an AC loss. The 5800RP has its own transformer, and being vulnerable to power failure, requires its own back-up battery.

Devices that receive their power from the alarm panel, can make use of its back-up battery in the event of a power failure. Devices like the 5800RP, which are attractive precisely because they don't wire back to the alarm panel, do not share in this type of convenience. For these devices, you essentially trade one type of convenience for another. Having its own transformer and back-up battery means the 5800RP can be mounted anywhere within wiring range of an outlet.

For ease of wiring, we recommend using the LT-Cable to connect the transformer to the repeater. This means that the repeater needs to be mounted within 8 feet of a power outlet. The 5800RP comes with a backup battery but not a transformer.

There are two transformers to choose from. One option is the 300-07753, which is a 120VAC to 9VAC, 15VA, step-down transformer. It includes an LED light to indicate when power is present. This is the transformer required for UL listed systems. You can also use the K10145WH transformer. This is a Class II, 120VAC to 9VAC, 25VA transformer with no LED light to indicate when power is present. It can be used when UL Listing requirements are not of concern.

Installing the 5800RP is simple. Being basically a wireless device itself, it can be supervised by the alarm panel for RF Check in, AC Loss, Low Battery, and RF Jam. Though supervision is not required for operation, it is recommended. All these potential trouble conditions can be supervised by a single zone, or each condition can be supervised by a separate zone.

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