Where Can I Buy System Sensor 4-Wire Smokes?

You can buy system sensor 4-wire smokes from most alarm companies online. This type of smoke detector is usually not available in standard retail stores. Alarm Grid offers some outstanding 4-wire smoke detectors, including the 4W-B and the 4WT-B, which also features heat detection.

The main reason that a person would choose to purchase a 4-wire smoke detector is because they are usually compatible with older alarm systems. Users should make sure that their alarm panel is compatible with 4-wire smoke detectors before deciding to purchase one. Unlike wireless smokes, 4-wire smoke detectors are not battery powered, and they feed off of the energy provided by the security panel. This is similar to 2-wire smoke detectors, which are also hard-wired and use electricity from the panel to operate.

The primary difference between a 4-wire smoke and a 2-wire smoke is that a 4-wire smoke detector has four cables. Two of these cables are used for transferring power to the device, and the other two are used to exchange information with the panel. Meanwhile, 2-wire smokes have two cables, and both of them are used for power and data. This means that 2-wire smokes use the same cables for communicating with the panel and receiving power. It also means compatible 2-wire smokes will be reset automatically by the alarm panel.

With 4-wire smokes, after a fire alarm occurs, power to the smoke detectors must be dropped for a number of seconds to reset it. Some older panels can do this automatically, but most modern panels require a trigger or relay to perform the reset. In some cases, it may be necessary to use an auxiliary power source, such as the Honeywell AD12612, and a relay module, like the Altronix RBSNTTL, with the 4-wire smoke detector. In order to use the auxiliary power source, users will also require a transformer, such as the Honeywell 1361-GT, and a backup battery, like the UltraTech 1240. In the event of a fire alarm, the relay will reset the auxiliary power source, resetting the smokes.

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