Which Andersen Windows Have Built-in Security Sensors?

Andersen Windows that have built-in security sensors include the E-Series and Eagle Windows, A-Series Windows, 400-Series Windows, and Renewal by Andersen Windows. These windows use Andersen VeriLock Sensors that operate at 345 MHz. This is the same frequency used by Honeywell 5800 Sensors.

Certain Andersen Windows are equipped with their own VeriLock Sensors. These sensors can be used with virtually any system that supports Honeywell 5800 Sensors, including Honeywell VISTA Panels (added wireless receiver required), Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels, the Honeywell Lyric Controller, and 2GIG Security Panels. And while these sensors are not officially listed as compatible with the 345 MHZ Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus, there is a good likelihood that the system would also be able to recognize them. Andersen also offers their own rebranded versions of certain wireless Honeywell Door & Window Sensors that can be used in the same manner as their Honeywell counterparts.

It is very important to note that Andersen Windows are sold via dealers. You cannot purchase Andersen Windows through Alarm Grid. We strongly advise contacting a certified Andersen Dealer if you are looking to get started with one of these windows. The same applies to Andersen Doors. You can find your nearest Andersen Dealer at this link. We must also mention that installing a sensor inside an Andersen Window on your own will likely void its warranty. That is why purchasing a window with a sensor pre-installed is strongly recommended. Do not void the warranty for your window by attempting to install your own integrated sensor.

The Andersen E-Series and Eagle Windows are designed for use with Andersen Sensor Models 10221, 10222, 10223, 10224, 10225, 10226, 13721, 13722, 13723, 13724, and 13725. The Andersen A-Series, 400-Series, Renewal By Andersen, and 200-Series Patio Doors are designed for use with Andersen Sensor Models 0106512, 0112785, 0112786, 0113412, 0113696, 0113697, 0114371, 0114372, 0115209 and 0116149.

Most Andersen Windows with integrated security sensors will program in with a compatible security system through two (2) different zones. One zone will be for identifying when the window is Opened/Closed, and the other zone will be for identifying when the window is Locked/Unlocked. These zones will be differentiated by Loop Number. The zone for monitoring Open/Closed will use Loop 1, and the zone for monitoring Locked/Unlocked will use Loop 2. The typical range for an integrated Andersen Window Sensor is 500 feet in an open air environment. Remember that large metal objects and obstacles can reduce wireless range.

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