Which version of the Honeywell L3000 supports APL?

Unfortunately, no version of the L3000 LYNX Plus security system will support Honeywell's Advanced Protection Logic (APL) technology.

APL is an advanced monitoring feature offered by Honeywell's AlarmNet division. While hardwired alarm control panels are housed in a metal cabinet and are usually installed away from a main entry point, all-in-one wireless security systems like the L3000 LYNX Plus are often installed right at the main entrance since they double as a keypad. Therefore, there is a risk that an intruder would destroy the L3000 control panel during the entry delay. If this happened, no alarm would ever reach the central station. This was a major security risk when wireless security systems were first released.

However, APL, which is offered with all of our central station monitoring plans plans, protects most Honeywell all-in-one systems from this type of break-in. Once the entry door is violated, the APL enabled system sends a signal to AlarmNet and if a disarm or an alarm is not received after the programmed entry delay times out, AlarmNet's servers send the APL alarm to the central station.

APL is another great reason to upgrade your L3000 LYNX PLUS system to a new Honeywell LYNX Touch or Honeywell Lyric system as all of the LYNX Touch (except for the original L5000) and Lyric systems do support the APL feature while the feature is not avaibale on the LYNX Plus systems. If you don't want to upgrade your L3000 and still want to protect against the type of break-in that APL was designed for, you could install a wireless keypad (5828 or 5828V) at your front entrance and then install the L3000 in another room that's remote from the entrance points to your home. With this type of setup, the hope is an intruder would be distracted by the wireless keypad beeping at them when they break-in and by the time they figure out that it's not the main control panel, the alarm from the L3000 would already have been sent.

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