Who can monitor an LTEIV-ADT?

Only ADT can monitor an LTEIV-ADT. The LTEIV-ADT is a dual-path communicator that is proprietary to ADT and only works with their service. The module connects with the AT&T LTE Network and a local IP network using ethernet. You must replace it to begin monitoring service with a new company.

Honeywell lte iv alarmnet verizon lte dual path communicator

ADT is a company that is known for using proprietary communicators that can only be used with their monitoring services. One of these communicators is the LTEIV-ADT . The communicator is the equivalent of the Honeywell LTE-IV Dual-Path Communicator. But the LTEIV-ADT has been designed in such a way that it can only be used with ADT monitoring services. On the other hand, the LTE-IV can be used with any alarm monitoring company that is registered with AlarmNet.

If you decide to leave ADT, then you will absolutely need to replace an LTEIV-ADT Communicator. But that doesn't mean that you need to replace your entire alarm system. The LTEIV-ADT is typically used with an ADT Safewatch PRO 3000 Security System. That is system is just a rebranded VISTA 20P Security System. You can remove the LTEIV-ADT and replace it with a non-branded communicator that can be supported by a new alarm monitoring company. You can certainly choose the Honeywell LTE-IV for this task. You might also consider the Honeywell LTE-IA, which offers service from the AT&T LTE Network instead of the Verizon LTE Network.

It is very easy to replace an existing ADT Alarm Monitoring Communicator like the LTEIV-ADT. You will start by powering down the panel. This is accomplished by disconnecting the backup battery and unplugging the transformer. You can then disconnect the LTEIV-ADT from the panel. For this step, you should only disconnect wires at the module itself. By keeping the wires connected at the panel, you can continue to use them with the new communicator. You will also need to physically remove the LTEIV-ADT from the panel. You can mount the new communicator in the same place and use the same wires. The communicator can then be activated for monitoring service.

An additional step you might consider is replacing the existing PROM Chip for the system. This is usually optional, but it will make it easier for your new alarm company to program your system. This can make your life much easier when thinking long-term. However, as long as you have an ADT Safewatch PRO 300 System with a PROM Chip of Version 9.12 or higher, then you will still be able to use the Total Connect 2.0 service without replacing the PROM Chip. If you do need a replacement PROM Chip, then you can buy VISTA 20P PROM Chips on our website. These will work great with an ADT Safewatch PRO 3000 Alarm Panel. Another option is to get a Honeywell LTEIV-TC2. This is a combo kit that includes replacement PROM Chips and a Honeywell LTE-IV Dual-Path Communicator.

It is strongly recommended that you contact Alarm Grid before trying to replace a PROM Chip for an ADT Alarm System. There may be complications that arise when replacing a PROM Chip, and consulting with our experts first will help ensure that you make the best possible decision for your needs. When contacting us, make sure to include the specifics of your ADT System. This includes your system model, what communicator you currently have, and your PROM Chip's revision number. This information will help us make the best possible recommendation. The best way to reach us is to email support@alarmgrid.com or call (888) 818-7728 during our usual business hours of 9am to 8pm ET M-F.

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